Get Sexy Arms and a Sculpted Back: the Best Exercises

The best exercises all-around body-sculpting workout is one that is going to concentrate on the big lift exercises such as the squat, bench press, and dead lift and standing military press. These are the best exercises as they are known as compound exercises and are very effective at building muscle mass because they work out more than one muscle simultaneously. You get not only healthy arms but also working the arms and legs; they also offer core work to the back and abdominals. Who doesn’t want strong, sculpted, healthy arms?

All the strength training exercises in the world never get better unless you follow a good nutritious diet chart. Here are a few best exercises for sexy stunning healthy arms and back:

1. Push-ups

This is a standard exercise but one of the best exercises is a must-do if you’re serious about toning your back and getting healthy arms. “Every weight routine includes push-ups,” says Bourgeois

2. Bench press

Healthy arms can be achieved through this exercise as it works the triceps and pectoral muscles.

3. Seated row

After you’ve pushed the bar away from you in the bench press, you want to achieve the opposite movement by pulling the bar toward your chest”, says Bourgeois.

4. Biceps curl

Bicep curling is one of the finest and best exercises where a person stands with his feet shoulder-width apart, grasping a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing forward, and bend your elbows, pulling the weights up toward your shoulders. Bourgeois recommends using five- or eight-pound dumbbells to achieve healthy arms.

5. Triceps kick-back

Grasp one dumbbell in your right hand, with your elbow next to your waist and at a 90-degree angle, a best exercise to meet the urge of getting a stunning back.

Get the sculpted arms and shoulders you’ve always wanted with these best exercises for arms, back and shoulder workouts. These some best exercises not only provide a toned body but also will help women look as good in sleeveless dresses as the Duchess of Cambridge.

One piece of information is that about 80 percent of your workout for these should be back focused, and then you can focus the remaining 20 percent on your biceps. Some best exercises are lat pull-downs, seated rows, upright rows, and chin-ups (assisted chin-ups are fine).

Remember the key is to build functional upper body strength and do a lot of good for those healthy arms at the same time.

Neither men nor women can deny the fact of not having a desire for a toned back and healthy arms.

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