Five Ways To Monsoon-Proof Your Kitchen


Monsoon season seems to be pleasant. It is the cause of delight for the people who are fed up with the roasting heat of summer. But reality is something different. The situation is different and difficult for home owners. They need to make adjustments and prepare their home for heavy rains of monsoon. Like other areas of your home, kitchen also needs extra care.

Kitchen is the most functional area in a home. Are you looking for some ideas which help you in making your kitchen monsoon free? Fret not!! Luckily, here are several tips that will assist you in making your kitchen free from most of monsoon heavy rains.

1. Pay attention to doors and windows

Most of the kitchen doors and windows are made of metal. I would advise you to repaint them with water proof paint o be sure that they would not rust. As far as your kitchen door and wooden cabinets are concerned, there are chances that they will get swell in monsoon season unless they are fixed accordingly. It is commonly observed that in monsoon season some part of the door swelled. In this situation, you must call any carpenter to reduce the swelling with sandpaper. 

2. Keep your kitchen clean and dry

Keep your kitchen dry especially in monsoon. This is vital for you to keep your kitchen clean and dry. That’s why pay attention to cross ventilation and try to open windows as often as you can to keep your kitchen dry. The dampness and moist floor can lead to unpleasant surprises. Kitchen floor and all counters in your kitchen should be clean daily with disinfectant.

3. Don’t forget about wiring

Wiring is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. Make sure to have good quality wires for your safety in kitchen. Unfortunately, the monsoon season can cause dampness in your kitchen walls, which can lead to very dangerous short circuit. Before monsoon season, find a good electrician and ask him to check your kitchen wiring carefully. In kitchen, there are a number of sockets to run electric kitchen gadgets. So it is essential to make sure that wiring is in good condition.

4. No renovation and plantation

If you want to make any change in your kitchen then do remember monsoon is not a good season for renovation. If you have any type of plants in your kitchen then in monsoon season get them out of your kitchen. Transpiration process increase dampness in your kitchen. If you want a little touch of green in your kitchen then I must suggest you to go with artificial green plants.

They are just as good looking as real plants but without any harm during monsoon. No one likes moist odor. It can be very irritating, especially when it takes over your kitchen. But don’t worry! You can get rid of this foul damp odor by placing perfumed bath salts on the bottom of your kitchen cabinets.

5. Clear skin drains   

Your kitchen drain should be clear before monsoon. Although you may not be a good plumber but you can call a plumber to check all the leakage or any related problem with drain. If you don’t want to deal with unpleasant surprises then take out some time and analyze the situation thoroughly especially before monsoon season.

Monsoon season has arrived. It’s time to pay attention to the most essential area of you home i.e. KITCHEN. Kitchen requires extraordinary care and attention especially during monsoon season. Looking for ideas to monsoon proof your kitchen?

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