First Aid From Your Fridge

Use of herbs and kitchen products can save and cure us from different harmful diseases. It is not essential to have anti septic in your hand all the time but you may get treatment from various home with help of products available in your fridge.

These ingredients are very helpful and excellent for treatment of mild conditions which can happen in our everyday lives at any time of day. If condition is being serious then it would be better to consult any qualified medical advice. Follow these home remedies to get instant relief from various illnesses.

• For Bites and stings:

If someone got injured with wasp stings, instantly use vinegar and lemon juice to cure it. Dip cotton wool ball in vinegar or lemon juice and apply it on the sting. Apply some pressure if required until you get some relief from pain. Best way to cure bee sting is paste of bicarbonate of soda that is available easily in market and often people like to store it in fridge. Mix soda with little water and apply it on sting. It will give you instant relief. It is also better to take advice from doctor if you have got multiple bee stings.

• Bleeding and injury

Black pepper is very effective to cure wound and helps to stop bleeding. It can used to treat minor cuts and even scrape. Bleeding and wound can also be treated with help of garden soil which is very efficient in order to cure major cuts of even knife.

• Puffy eyes problem

Puff eyes have become popular problem which cause irritation in eyes. It is normally caused if someone does not take proper sleep or drink very less water in a day. It is very necessary to overcome this problem with proper solution. Tea bags are the easiest way to cure such problem which is easily available at home. Put a tea bag in freezer for about 4 hours and hold it on eyes at the sight of pain for about 10 to 20 minutes. It also helps to reduce dark circle under eyes if regular therapy is used.

• To treat mild burn with onion

It issimplest and easiest way to treat mild burn with helpof onion, normally available at home. Just cut onion into two equal half and put it on place of burn spot which will provide relief from pain at once. It could be also be used to clot blood from minor cut. Onion contains few compound of Sulphur which provides basic treatment against burn attack and is used in many burn relief medicines.

• Relief from severe headache

It is very essential to provide basic relief from headache which may result in various problems. People who suffer from regular headache need to take proper therapy against such problem which might affect their life style. I personally prefer to use frozen pea bag therapy for headache which gives at once relief from headache. Though it is difficult to carry but at home, you may take benefit of it.

There are various ways to cure few problems from things easily available at your kitchen. You don’t need any first aid kit when you know certain tips that could be used at time of emergency with instant relief.

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