Effect of Turkish Drama’s on Kids

There was a time when we used to watched only one channel where the drama time was fixed at 8:00 pm. All families sit together and watched those super breath taking dramas which can easily be watched with kids. They were supposed to be enough entertainment for a day. But I too remember when any actresses wore sleeveless or performed without scarf, we all felt ashamed. But as time passed out and world became global village, new channels got launched with new more modern dramas and day by day these things get more height and now we all used to watch Indian and Turkish dramas too.

Today I am discussing regarding Effect of Turkish dramas on kids. Why not Indian? Because we have strong believe and teach our children that Indian dramas are based on their religious values which are totally against our culture and religion. So we watched them but with all these points in our mind which our kids also knows.

Now about Turkish dramas; Turkey is a so called Muslim country but very liberal who follows European norms and culture which we can see in their dramas too. We should know these delightful dramas hit our society just like "oh they are like us" the Muslims. The innocent but highly fashionable people of Pakistan didn’t know that Turkey has influence of Europe. We and our kids should know that these delightful Turkish dramas with glamorous half naked dresses, vulgar behaviors, conspiracies etc have destroyed our Islamic society.

Our TV channels are giving so much attention to the series or movies that are originate from turkey. They are just focusing on increasing their TRP and revenue (because no cost on writers, scripts, directors, actors, workers on background etc.) without thinking deeply that these shows badly affecting our kids minds and our Muslim society is becoming more and more European day by day.

Our children can learn nothing but would lose a lot as these dramas are teaching nothing but maneuverings of domestic matters, inspiring youths and Muslims towards useless glamour cum vulgarness and negatively affecting the society.

They are creating class differences and creating sense of inferiority complex to those who are unable to wear expensive wardrobe which is very harmful for our society. Moreover, there are several values that are contradicting to the Arab values and traditions such as alcohol use, sex and abortion that are openly discussed in these shows.

They badly effect on an Islamic society and challenging their cultural and moral values by bringing Muslims away from their religion and customs. The open discussion and showing of things like sex, abortion, forbidden relationship, night dance parties and use of alcohol is really affecting our kids and unintentionally we are putting these things in our children’s mind and nature as they will nearby feel no shame about these things. Major point is as these things are showing by a Muslim country so our children can adopt all these haram things by saying they are Muslim, if these things are forbidden then why they are doing?

Another worst part of these Turkish dramas is viewers start shedding tears for the characters and spoiling their health which leads to depression. People relate to these soaps to such an extent that they get bored of living a normal life. Watching intense emotions on daily soaps leaves a negative impact on one’s mind. If these things hit us then what impact they are leaving on our kid’s mind and health.

We should take care of our and our kid’s mental health too. Turkish dramas and movies have rapidly started corrupting Muslim children and their way of thinking. By the time our children will digest these negative things and we will see same forbidden things doing openly by them with their growth. We should stop watching these dramas for our kids, to save our customs and religion.

Dramas leave their impact strongly on our mental and physical health as when we watch dramas we get deeply into them emotionally. Their positive or negative things put effect on us that is why lots of dramas which should not be seen by our children broadc

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