Dry Fruits & Their Health Benefits

I bet you never knew that besides containing nutritious value, dry fruits have a medicinal value. Dry fruits contain a number of digestive enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Winter season gives you a chance to max out at their medicinal value because of their easy availability.


Almond milk has a great nutritional value for both children and infants. Its milk is great for your skin as it dims pigmentation and enhances fairness. Almonds improve the function of your heart and brain and also help in making your muscles strong and hair grow fast.


Dates boiled in milk provide great medicinal value for growing children, young girls and pregnant women. Dates are rick in iron and fiber, boost your immunity and keep the hormonal balance in check. Girls with irregular menstrual cycles can boil two dates in milk and drink it warm every day. Add a spoon of honey.


Walnuts are perfect for you if you are planning on losing weight. They are good for diabetic and hypertensive patients. Walnuts are rich in omega-3-fatty acids which reduce the pressure on your heart by supplying regular flow of blood.


Dried grapes are known as raisins. Raisins contain iron which should be taken by people suffering from anemia. If you or your child is underweight, give him a fistful of raisins every day. People with digestive problems should consume raisins too. Raisins help in constipation.

Cashew nuts:

Cashew nuts hide a lot of wonders of nature. Rich in vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, copper, fiber and protein, cashew nuts protect you from a number of heart problems.

Know the medicinal value of various dry fruits and double, rather treble the taste and flavor. Savour the winter fun with dry fruits by staying informed this time.

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