Does a Longer School Day Mean Higher Achievement?

Education has a key position in the growth and development of any society. No one can deny its importance. Nowadays in our society, there are many discussions among parents, teacher and students on this topic “Does a Longer School Day Mean Higher Achievement”? 

According to some Parents and teachers that students will feel more responsible and give extra ordinary result if they spent more time in school. But I do not agree with this statement. I think longer school day has more disadvantages rather than its advantages. It will effect badly on students’ health, performance and their personalities.

Does a Longer School Day Mean Higher Achievement? It’s not true because long day is tiring for kids. It may cause of attention deficit and fatigue. When students got tired or mentally exhausted to concentrate the extra hours become useless.

Longer school day does mean higher achievement because it’s not necessary that longer school day will show extra ordinary result. According to a research the kids or students of United States spend more time than Asian’s kids. However, it was found that Asian counties consistently outperform U.S. students on mathematics and science tests. So it proves long time do not improve scores.

To extend the school timing means teacher’s timing will be also increased. Arrange extra teachers for extra society are not affordable. And teachers do not agree to extend their time because according to them, they spend their most of time on pupils. They have their own family or personal life but they are much busy in their routine duty. Teachers arrive early to prepare for class, stay late to record grades, spend extra time preparing lessons and attend after-hours teachers meeting and parent teachers conferences.

Longer school day needs extra funds to expand the school hours. Extra time requires more funding to pay the higher teachers’ salaries and on other resources or facilities. As everyone knows, generous citizens support the government or welfare schools’ expenses. Therefore private schools increase their fee which is not affordable for everyone.

Longer day in school is not a guarantee to produce balanced personalities. Students get bore and dull because their family and social life is end. They can’t play with their peers and have no time for fun. The ends of recreational or healthy activities destroy the child’s personality. This stressed environment would be a waste of time and money. Students find no spare time and got annoyed. It influences badly on kid’s mentally and physical health, character, behavior and also on personality. Lack of sleep may also cause hyperactive behavior, daytime naps and loss of motivation.

In short we can say, longer school day is not a solution to raise the standard of education. Longer day means, teachers pay less attention on students because extend the time means teacher will have less time to review student work and give feedback on it. Does anyone really want to establish that educational system where students are unable to get feedback on their work?

We should be realized that our educational policy is very weak and this bad policy is the responsible our bad standard of education. Extend the school timing is not the solution of the issue. It’s the need of the time we focus on the quality of the education not on its quantity. We need to establish new school, maintain the class room, and introduce the new but same syllabus for all students.

We should disrupt the discrimination in educational system. Arrange extracurricular activities for both teachers and students. Provide leisure time to kids for sports and games or other healthy activities. We should improve the quality of education for all students from all economic background, rather than lengthening the school day.

Longer school day is not the key of success. It has many disadvantages. Some parents consider it as good sign for improvement but in fact it destroys the kid’s abilities and personality.

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