Designer Baby Clothes


Designer baby clothes are becoming more and more popular as more top fashion designers add a money-spinning range of infant wear to their collections. People who are not in the market for spending a lot of money on their babies may tell you it is crazy to pay so much for clothes that will be outgrown in such a short time.

But if you buy designer clothes for yourself, you probably do not wear many of them for more than one season. So why not buy the best for baby, and have all your friends cooing over how cute he looks in his high fashion designer label tee shirt? You can always recover part of the cost by selling it on eBay if he outgrows it without having worn it much!

Baby Dior

Christian Dior’s line of designer clothing for infants was one of the first to gain real popularity and remains probably the best known. It is called Baby Dior. There you will find velour pajamas, body suits, bibs, feeding bottles and a range of first shoes and booties including a gold ballerina style shoe for girls that you would want to keep in a glass case for ever! There is also a very original teddy bear.  Also Dolce & Gabbana comes with the range for Juniors who offer some cute little baby onesies.

Baby Phat

Baby Phat was born out of a promotional exercise for Phat Farm, the line of men’s hip hop styles founded by Rapper and Def Jam innovator Russell Simmons. He created a small number of Baby Phat tee shirts for girls which quickly became popular with female celebrities. Simmons’ wife Kimora Lee then took over and created a whole Baby Phat range. Despite the name, most of the clothes are not for babies, but you will find some very cute clothing in the Infants and Newborns section under Girlz, and prices are very reasonable.

Anne Geddes

Not a high fashion designer but a photographer and creator of some of the world’s cutest baby photos, Anne Geddes has launched a wide online product range including baby clothes among other things, inspired by the animal costumes used for many of her infant photographs. High quality and as cute as can be, you will definitely like the Baby Bear line, the Baby Bunny jacket and the Daffodil dress

Whether or not you decide to invest in designer clothes for babies yourself, you are sure to enjoy checking out the ranges available online or in your local stores. Unfortunately you are unlikely to find many of these items at the Goodwill but if you just buy one designer item per season for your baby you will surely not regret it. Prices are not as high as you might expect, and putting him into designer baby clothes from time to time will make your baby look even more lovable!

Designer baby clothes are becoming more and more popular as more top fashion designers add a money-spinning range of infant wear to their collections.

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