Deliciously Fruity Cocktail Trifle


Perfect cooking is not only about all the spices and ingredients being mixed and fused deliciously to make a perfect dish, it’s about creating a whole new world of taste with imagination, passion and creativity. It’s about playing with colors and aromas like a four year child plays with his toys. It’s about indulging in pleasure of creating something. Go Fruity this Eid and spread the sweetness with a deliciously fruity cocktail trifle and I bet you will end up licking your fingers.

Trifle is all about colors, it’s a plumy blast of yummy colors that can arrest your senses in the first sight. to make incredibly delicious, you need not to make it, but play with it. So put your creative hat on and fuse the reds, oranges, yellows and greens to make the ultimate dessert this Eid.

The first thing is to think of a theme, whether you want to make it a romantic treat for two or a family mélange. The best colors for family trifle treat are dazzling bright colors of red, green, orange, yellow with a hint of brown to represent happiness and health.

Choose a mango trifle to create a pastel yellow base for it can easily compliment the brighter colors. The best way to make a fruit cocktail is to make it in transparent wine glasses for they look more alluring and exotic. Grab all the deliciously fresh cherries, strawberries, mangoes, bananas and grapes, the brighter the better. If you plan to choose red fruits, then go for green and yellow jelly, if you plan to choose red and orange then go for mangoes and grapes.

Fill the base of the glass with a fruit cake slice and cover it with mango trifle, now add a hint of red followed by some lighter shades of grapes and banana. Add another layer of trifle with prismatic orange jelly cubes with some banana slices and close it again with a thin layer of trifle.

You need to take a flight of fancy to decorate this deliciously fruity cocktail trifle. Don’t overload it with too many jellies and fruits; rather keep it simple yet fancy. Decorate it with whipped cream and chocolate chips. A fresh strawberry in the middle and a delicious stick of Kit-Kat chocolate or chocolate wafer rolls would just complete the look of this extremely delightful Eid Treat

Start your Eid with the sweetness of this fruity dessert and enjoy the sugary magic it creates with your family.

Go Fruity this Eid and spread the sweetness with a deliciously fruity cocktail trifle and I bet you will end up licking your fingers.

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