Deal With Dehydration during Ramadan

Ramadan brings a bundle of blessed fruits and foods for Pakistanis. For a person fasting in Ramadan here is a wide range of healthy meal available to keep him healthy and active for day long fasting. But, there are many a men who get dehydrated as the half fast passes away. Here are given some simple but useful tips to deal with dehydration during Ramadan. Follow them at iftar and sahari time and combat your diet needs.

Never skip sahari:
Sahari is the most important time for person wishing to fast in Ramadan. It is the time when you can do best for your body to keep it efficient.

Some people have wrong faith to skip sahari and eat huge meal in night before sleeping. They think the meal consumed will save them whole day and keep them working and walking. The fact here is that during sleep half of our brain keeps working and utilizes energy reserved in our body, so by the time we wake up in morning we are already hollow.

Make a habit to get up in sahari and have proper sahari meal. By doing so you will get sufficient electrolytes and vitamins that will work for your body till aftar time. Moreover, in this way you will follow sunnah as well.

Meal for sahari time:
Take about two glasses of fresh water when you wake up in sahari. It regulates blood in body and provides sufficient amount of oxygen to beat dehydration. Then have healthy sahari meal. before fajar prayer again have two glasses of fresh or luke warm water. This good intake of water deals with dehydration during Ramadan.

Healthy aftar meal:
No one can stop hand from grabbing a hot samosa and dipping it in heavy sauce, eating mouthful of pakoras and gulping frizzy drinks in a breath. Healthy aftar meal does a lot for combating dehydration.
Always intake soft drinks at aftar time and that in small sips so it may not attack your kidneys direct. But the best to be taken immediate after aftar is hot lemon tea, green tea, or any sort of hot drink. It relieves thirst and has healthy impact on digestion system.

Intake fluid after aftar:
Take 1 glass of fresh water, any fresh juice or milk after about half hour of aftar and then keep on drinking 1 glass of fresh water after each 1 hour. This is the best and easiest way to deal with dehydration during Ramadan.

Dehydration and lot of hunger are the usual considerations in holy month of Ramadan. For a person fasting this month, a balance diet is a must. Learn to be hydrated and safe during Ramadan following some simple guidelines.

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