Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Kids Health

Children are basically a reflection of your own habits. Kids learn how to feel about their bodies, abilities, everything from how you act and react on a daily basis. They are most likely to imitate all the things you do. The most effective way to teach your kids healthy habits is not by rewarding or punishing them but by acting in a positive manner so they see you as a model of healthy behavior.

It is your duty to set a good example for your child to follow so that it makes him happier and healthier while inspiring him to lead a healthy living life style. Here are some common mistakes and bad habits that we parents miss out on when raising our kids:

The most basic habit, especially in mothers is criticizing in front of the mirror as to how they look. This actually sends in a message that self-esteem is based on the way you dress up or the way you look. Children may pick up this habit and it can make them not like what they see in the mirror. This can have major lower self esteem issues.

mother and daughter

If you use food as a way to feel better when you’re down or disappointed, you could be passing on unhealthy messages to your children. You’re telling them that food is the way to feel good about yourself. Instead, work on other ways to get an emotional boost when you’re low. Let them see you talking to friends or going for a walk to feel better. They’ll pick up on such habits both healthy or unhealthy.

parents ignoring kids

Children need attention and sometimes we as parents forget this fact. Next time when your too busy texting or calling on the dinner table, keep it in mind that your child may react back in the same way. So keep your phones and gadgets away when catering to your child and only text when you’re not busy at home with your children. This will give you more time to bond with your child and shall make him less attention seeking as well.

distracted parents

Do not make your child feel like he is in a competition or race every day. Making your kid realize that other kids are more athletic or more competitive is hardly is a good way to motivate him. Your child needs to feel good about him and not be pressured in some rat race. Appreciate him on his efforts of trying and doing his best. This will build his character and make him confident.

sad kid face

If you and your spouse are constantly bickering and arguing, it can affect a child in the worst ways possible. Your child maybe learning that it’s ok to act this way and trigger an argument. Your child may also become stubborn and non-receptive. So the best way to keep him tamed is to keep your temper in control and your stress at normal level.

parents fighting

Your bad habits can reflect clearly in your child’s behavior. Keeping your behavior perfect is the key to perfect parenting.

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