An Iced Coffee That Outsmarts The Summer Heat

As summer prevails, people tend to focus on drinks. But coffee is seemly the choice of most of the people in summer too. If you love coffee so it’s time to enjoy iced coffee in this hot weather as it is iced coffee season. Iced coffee is a cold variant of coffee. To have an iced coffee you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

You can make your own iced caffeinated beverage in your kitchen. It is easy to do and also save your money and time. You don’t have to cook it in this hot season in your kitchen. Let see how to prepare best cold brewed iced coffee in your kitchen. Here is a recipe to prepare cold brewed iced coffee. Brewed iced coffee is the best coffee that outsmarts your summer heat and makes you cool.

Whenever you make a coffee the first thing that strikes in mind is the ratio of beans. Every coffee drinker has his or her own ideal ratio of coffee beans. According to some people cold brewed iced coffee is more caffeinated than regular coffee so use it as concentrate and mix it with a little cold water before using it to avoid acidity.

To prepare two cups of iced coffee you will need only two main ingredients:

  • ½ cup of coffee beans

  • 2 cups room temperature water

First of all grind coffee beans in a grinder for about thirty seconds and transfer it to a French press (pot to make coffee). Now put some water on the ground beans and cover it with top of the French press and let it steep for at least twelve hours at room temperature. After steeping it is essential to separate the ground from the water.

Next day strain the coffee in a container and use coffee filter for this purpose. Keep it in refrigerator for up to one week. Serve it with iced water or milk depends upon your choice and outsmarts the summer heat. To make it cold, add some desired amount of ice in the coffee. You can also add sugar if desired but for iced coffee simple syrup is preferred sweetener to avoid sugar bits in your drink.

To make it delicious and yummier you can also add some vanilla-milk ice cubes. It will give your coffee a good dressing. Just add vanilla-milk iced cubes that will incorporate in your iced coffee as they melt.

To make vanilla or milk ice cubes you will require two dozen of ice cubes and two cups milk and also one vanilla bean.

Pour milk in a bowl and scrape vanilla beans seeds into the milk with the help of sharp knife and whisk it until combined. Then divide milk mixture in two ice trays and freeze it overnight.

This method of preparing coffee will provide you a sweet tasty iced coffee with up to 67 % less acidity than hot brewed coffee. This is really a simple and easy way to get rid of heat. Enjoy the iced brewed coffee in the hot weather and outsmarts the summer heat. Enjoy! Feel awesome. Sit in the sun.

I have mentioned a simple and quick recipe of making a cold brewed iced coffee. So make this summer cool and enjoyable. Feel awesome and have fun with the cold brewed iced coffee in the hot season.

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