A Parent’s Guide To Screening Pop Music

Some parents want to enjoy pop music with their kids but they can’t because pop music is written just for selling and contains vulgarity. There is nothing positive in pop songs and they are known to have a bad influence on kids. Pop songs are mostly written about bad relationships with vulgar lyrics and the videos of pop songs are also not good for kids. Moreover, parties and nudityis shown in most pop music videos with the attendees using drugs and drinking alcohol. All these things have a negative effect on the psyche of kids.

The lyrics and the meaning of most pop songs are something that younger children should not hear. Pop music is also bad for teenagers, as it contains inappropriate things and encourages teens to drink alcohol and engage in relationships. Pop songs usually portray negative messages and don’t help in a kid’s life. So parents should keep their kids away from pop music and videos of pop songs. Here is a parents’ guide for music:

  • Before allowing a kid to hear and watch the pop song, parents must watch it. Some famous previewing resources for parents are YouTube, Dailymotion and iTunes. Apart from these three, there are other resources also available on the internet.

  • Another method of checking whether a song is good for kids or not is to Google the song.

  • Don’t just hear the song, but viewing the song is also necessary because sometimes, the song is good to hear but the video of the song may not be good for younger kids.

  • Parents should monitor the music their children purchase.

  • Parents should also monitor the pop music downloaded by their children from the internet because nowadays, internet is the cheapest source of getting songs and watching videos.

  • Turn off the radio or television if the lyrics are bad and vulgar.

  • Children always learn what they hear; therefore parents should listen and enjoy songs with their children. Parents can help their children understand what they are being exposed to and by this, they can easily teach their children the difference between right and wrong.

  • Parents should have a friendly relationship with their kids because this helps in gaining trust and getting power over their decision making ability on what their kids purchase and hear.

  • Parents should keep an eye on their children and speak out for decent entertainment.

  • Every CD has a rating on it which tells you if it contains mature stuff. The rating helps in deciding whether to buy it or not. Parents should check the rating before purchasing the CD for their children.

These are some parenting tips for music. Pop songs are usually made for listening and enjoying but some children start behaving the way they see their favorite singers doing in the song videos.For this reason, parents should tell their children what is right and what is wrong otherwise today’s pop music can destroy the lives of children and make them nothing but blind fans. The negative side effects of pop music cause problems and give no benefit to children.

When kids listen to pop music and watch videos for pop songs, parents should be concerned. This is because pop songs these days are mostly about bad relationships and watching pop music videos may leave a bad influence on a child. Read on to know about a

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