A List Of Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, it becomes imperative to watch what’s being served on your plate. Though certain foods may be high in fat content their admittance in a daily diet is considered healthy. As unfortunate as it may be, these tempting delectables are to taken out as a chunk from the daily routine. Certain liquids or foods need to become a massive NO if the desired weight is to be reached. Following are some of the major counterparts while considering a healthier diet to lose weight.

1. Shakes and Drinks

Though a chocolate shake condensed gorgeously into a massive plastic cup with curling foam of whipping cream to top it off may qualify as good comfort food it is an essential to be avoided when aspiring to lose weight. Not only is the heavy whipping cream going to make you fat instead of thin, the chocolate melted into the sugary milk won’t do your diet any good. 

2. White flour

As delicious as that bread, cinnamon roll, bagel or bun may be, it is deathly to a diet aimed at losing weight. Not only is it harmful for your health, it is injurious to your desire to lose weight. Opt for a healthier brown bread or bread with higher fiber content. Just white bread has 265 calories in a single slice.

3. Pasta

As delicious as a thick stripped paste looks while it drips in oregano based white sauce or a spicier Mexican sauce, it is aimed only at giving you those tires in your belly. Avoid all pasts in order to keep your starch content in control and your diet going on smooth sailing. Not only will pasta make you fat, it will add to the starch content in your body resulting in health diseases in the future to avoid the unreasonable 371 calories from a single serving of white pasta.

4. Bagged chips

You know how people say that bagged chips seem to have higher air content in them as compared to the chips themselves? Well that’s what they do your belly. They make it bloat like air has been pumped into it making movement harder, exercising tiresome. Opt for a bottle of water with a healthy side of salad for your timeless nibbling. Keep your stomach pure rather airy. Keep your body active rather sluggish. You are paying for the 312 calories going straight to your belly.

5. Cereals

Though cereals may appear as a rather “safe” option to go for while trying to lose weight, they can also be very tricky. Where oatmeal cereals can be very helpful in keeping the roughage in you going, cold cereals and those with heightened sugar content can do your efforts no good. Despite the making you feel light as a feather the sugar does its damage to your diet nevertheless. Choose your cereals wisely.

6. Desserts

Chocolates, cakes, puddings, tarts and all other kinds f devious foods failing in the given category can do your attempts to lose weight more harm and less favor. Though having some every once in a while occasionally is not that harmful for your body, to make them an imperative part of your daily routine will not only give you bad skin, but a flabby stomach that won’t leave and a higher chance of becoming a diabetic patient in the future. Have a nibble every once in a while to kill the temptation, don’t turn this devilish foods to your homely meals. 

7. Dry fruit

Salted, crisp and tiny. What are the worse peanuts, almonds and walnuts can do? A lot. Not only are they addictively delicious, they have high oil content that result to no good for your body. Opt for fruits for binge eating for a healthier flatter belly

8. Canned food

Though it may seem a lot easier to handle, a lot easier to cook up, they’re just adding to your system an unhealthy amount of products used to confine the food in a can. Opt for a homemade meal. It may take longer, but it will also keep you fitter. 

9. Fried food

Though tiny as wings, shrimps and simple as fries, these crispy bites go down to your belly to do more harm than good. Filled with high oil content, they add inside you the chances of getting a high rate cholesterol and thick belly that does not go away. Have a leafy sub to kill the temptation.

While dieting and outing your body through all the hard work to look healthy and fit, avoid the above mentioned food to have your efforts not go to waste and enjoy the glory of being able to see your toes over the future.

While trying to lose weight one must choose their meals wisely and avoid all unfavorable items that render their efforts to lose weight useless. If not balanced, all fats, cholesterol abided foods with unfavorable amount of calories lead to weight gain.

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