7 Secrets To Prevent Cold In Winter

None of us can afford to stay in bed for four or five days, saying good bye to all the job and family responsibilities, sneezing all around, coughing like hell, sponging to cool down the body temperature and falling a prey to body aches. For your health and fitness we have tried to pick a few scientifically proven health tips for cold prevention in winter.

Keeping Hydrated
Winter’s dry air can sap moisture from the lining of your nasal passages, creating tiny cracks that make you susceptible to infection. This is a major reason of catching cold in winter. Water can help moisten those nasal membranes. So if you keep your body well hydrates, it would be the first in health tips for cold prevention in winter. Except this, you need to try other mediums to keep your nasal inner moist. DON”T USE BEAUTY CREMES INSIDE YOUR NOSE in order to maintain its moisture. Rather, use petroleum jelly or any oil to keep your nose moist from inside. These kind of  health tips also also prevent dust allergies that occur when tiny dust particles cling to the walls of nasal passage.

Add Vitamin D Intake
Studies have found that Vitamin D can stimulate the production of a virus-killing protein, and taking Vitamin D supplements (aim for 2,000 IU a day) can lead to fewer viral infections. We recommend you to increase your vitamin D intake and search for natural vitamin D mediums for cold prevention in winter. These health tips are confirmed by health and fitness experts.

Make a Routine of Brisk Walk
Brisk walk is among tested health tips for cold prevention in winter. Sounds weird?? But it’s a fact that exercise boosts the circulation of immune cells throughout the body, and research shows that walking 30 to 45 minutes a day, five days a week in winter can cut your sick days in half. Walk is beneficial for your health and fitness yet we usually cut our routine because of the extreme weather. We recommend you to be brave this winter and make a routine of brisk walk. You will surely feel the difference.

Keep Warm With Tea
Health tips declared by certified medical health experts show that antioxidants such as quercetin can help protecting against infection by preventing viruses from replicating. Black and green teas are packed with quercetin, For cold prevention in winter, its ideal to sip a hot cup once a day at least even if you are not fond of hot drinks.

Avoid Antibiotics
Antibiotics are absolutely not recommended for the viral flu which is caused by virus attack rather than bacteria. Antibiotics are only for bacterial infections. If you would go for any antibiotic yourself without any doctor’s recommendation, it would just like inviting other problems such as upset stomach and diarrhea instead of curing the flu. Viral flu is only prescribed symptomatic treatment such as pain and fever relief. Viral attacks take their due course of time for healing. For your health and fitness, you must avoid self medication and see a doctor for proper recommendation. Undue use of antibiotics also affect your immune system.

Dodge Germs
Flu virus stays on surfaces for about two hours. We recommend you to clean the areas of your home that are most likely to harbor germs such as doorknobs, remote control, refrigerator handles etc. Not only this, rather wash your hands a bit often. Try not to share any body’s left over meals or used glasses so that you can prevent cold in winter.

Take Chicken Soup Daily
Chicken Soup can be very effective when talk of cold prevention in winter. The hot vapor expands your airways, which helps to clear mucus from the nasal cavity. Plus, researchers found that chicken soup has an anti-inflammatory effect that may soothe a sore throat. For your winter health and fitness, taking chicken soup every day might be very helpful amongst all the other health tips.

We hope you enjoy a sound health and fitness and a cold free winter this time by following our health tips.

Cold prevention in winter seems next to impossible no matter how much you maintain your health and fitness. Today’s health tips are to dodge cold and keep you safe!

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