5 Common Asthma Triggers

Asthma is coupled with other health conditions like gastro, sleeping disorder and causes psychological impact as well. However the frequency and occurrence of attack varies from person to person, not all the symptoms are directly observed in one person, may be two or three symptoms are observed, while it varies in case of another individual

Common Triggers of Asthma Attack

Asthmatic attacks are usually mild in frequency, but the severeattacks require medical treatments as they don’t occur so spontaneous. Asthma is also associated with some early symptoms: For instance:

coughing, anxiousness, fast talking, breathing disorder, body pains, pressure on chest, muscle starching, chest tightening, immune system disturbance (lungs malfunctioning, sleeping disorder, mood swings (crankiness), depression and other problems in inhaling and exhaling process during breathing, paling skin, lips and finger nails turning into blue. The tubes in the muscle tighten up surrounding the airways such tightening is known as bronchospasm.The factors like muscle starching, bronchospasm, inflammatory causes all the symptoms we discussed above. However, fever symptoms, disturbance in daily routine activities, aggressiveness/flare ups and lungs disfunctioning are others chronic symptoms of asthma .Improper functioning of lungs notifies that asthma is not in control. It is always recommended by doctors to test the peak flow for examination.


1: Depression:

Depression occurs because of emotional stress which then turns into asthma attacks. Physical stress and emotional stress both are interlinked and cause the feeling of anxiety, anxiousness, long periods of weeping and body pains. Because one a person experience a long span of crying, his/her immune system gets disturb, reduces the level of oxygen body needs for proper functioning of lung.

2: Infections of Throat and Respiratory System:

A respiratory conjunction causes lungs and airways malfunctioning and in turn converted into breathing disorder.

3: Allergens

Allergens can trigger the asthma attack for instance there dust allergens, animal dander’s, pollan, trees, grass, etc, all can turn out to be dangers and it also depends upon the sensitivity level of the person when comes into direct exposure with the allergens, they can be less or more reactive to one’s body. However, such allergens cause the asthma attacks. It’s worth mentioning here that food preservatives also cause asthma e.g. egg, insect particles milk (cow, buffalo), seafood, wheat, fish, etc because many chemicals are used in preserving the food like sodium and potassium metabisulfite/bisulfate, such chemicals can be very dangers to one’s health .

4: Chemicals, Smoking, Paints, Air Pollution, Fumes and Asthma

In spite of the allergens, there few irritants which cause the asthma attack. Such irritants does not induce the allergic reactions but can cause intense attacks if continuously inhaled any one the irritant, to keep yourself away from such substances always use the air purifiers or wear mask over nose while experiencing such chemicals and smoke.

5:Climatic Change, Strong Medications and Infections Cause Asthma

Whether it’s cold weather /hot weather all type of seasonal changes cause the asthma attacks. Whereas some people are allergic to few medicines and if you know that any medicines brings reaction try avoiding to intake that drug. Always tell your consultant and pharmacist before taking the drug. Drugs like Tylenol, Aspirin, Naproxen and many more are reactive. Especially when a patient is suffering from heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes. even minor daily routine  infections  like cough, flu, cold, bronchitis these all are respiratory infections can cause asthma  and severe respiratory infections.


1. Keep Track of Symptoms

To better control the asthmatic attacks is to keep track of symptoms and always keep the peak flow meter to determine the magnitude of the flow of asthma. It helps in assessing the underlying glitches. If the peak flow numbers are decreasing it means that needs to get control immediately.

2. Long Lasting Asthma Needs Medical Treatment

Asthma involves medical treatment depending upon its major or minorintensity. If it has turned into a long lasting disease then medical diagnosis is recommended because the medications are designed specifically to provide relief not in short run but in later stages. It’salways important to recognize the alerts in initial asthmatic conditions, as we discussed that the early signs for asthma attacks needs to channelize the recovery of oneself towards improvement.

3. Use of inhaler

The best prevention without even using an inhaler is to exhale your breath as long as you can as it expels the “stale” air and then start inhaling gradually and calmly. One can also prevent from the triggers but it’s not possible in all the cases because of many uncontrollable environmental factors.

4. Follow Specialist instructions

The patient can always consult and seek advice from the specialist of this field. Doctors most of the time recommend “Rescue inhalers” for spontaneous reactions. Drugs like Azmacort and Accrlate are advised because you can’t let it go like you normally treat the other normal course disease .however the disease can convert from acute to chronic seek to treat from herbal treatments or mind control game. For instant relief always keep the inhaler with you recommended by the doctor and keep the record of your symptoms to better compete with them.

Asthma is a chronic disease which is usually incur because of genetic and environmental forces. The asthma patients are charged with attacks during night and early morning time .Workouts, physical exercise, dirty and dusty weather cause this disease to tr

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