10 Kid and Toddler Super foods

Kids don’t know what nutrients are, they mean the taste only. It is your duty to provide their favorite tastes with healthy nutrients. Kids love the Candies and ready made snacks but actually these are harmful for their health. You can make excellent alternate of these ready made things at home. We are giving ten super foods for your kids & toddlers, so stop worrying and make these delicious taste foods for your loving kiddo.

Cereal mixtures:

Cereals should be added in your kid’s diet. After milk cereals is actually the meal which are essential and healthy food for kids. There are many flavors are available for kids. Wheat is highly important food for kid as it helps in growing. The easy to fill up with wheat is the cereals. In Pakistan we have many good companies which are providing health food cereals for kids. Such as Nestle, wheat-honey milk cereal, fish with vegetables cereals, rice cereals, and multi grain and mixed fruit are also best food for kids and toddlers.


Eggs are necessary for kid’s diet. It is one of the best foods for kids which offer highly essential proteins. It also provides vitamin D, calcium and many other. Fried egg is best for kids but if your toddler is enjoying his first 18 to 20 months then the easy way to give egg is mix egg in the milk. It is vey much healthy food for kids.

Fish and Soft meats:

Fish is full of Omega-3 DHA and EPA, which is essential for brain sharpness. Feed your kids with fish meat. There are soft fish meats like salmon, tuna etc are available. Feed them with small pieces. Other soft meats like chicken are also good food for kids.

Sweet Potatoes:

Potatoes are of any kind are the favorite food of kids. Boil sweet potatoes for your loving kiddo you may sprinkle some salt and black pepper. But fried potatoes are also well liked by kids. Potatoes are not only easy to make and bake but also very healthy in nutrients for kids.

Fruit of any kind:

Fruits are very much important and one of the best foods for kids. Fruits must be given to kids especially which are rich in vitamin C. Strawberries, grated apple, mangoes, papaya are essential and additional meals for kids.


Don’t forget to add nuts in your toddler’s diet. Nuts are full of health fats, healthy nutrients which must in healthy growing. Nuts help in nourishment of Heart health, sharpness of brain and eye sight. Soak almonds in water for over night and grind with milk in next morning.

Yogurt and Cheese:

Cheese is full of calcium one of the important nutrient for kids. The source of protein and calcium which is must needed food for kids.


Without vegetable healthy growing is not possible, lesser in veggies lesser in nutrients.


Beans are very rich in fiber, iron and proteins. Make small beans with delicious taste. You can also make the beans like snacks. Beans are also very filling and will help to control the fatness of those children who are quite fatty.


Instead of giving candies give the good quality chocolates to your kids. But never exceed the limit; chocolates must be given too but in normal quantity.

Good and Healthy eating habits in your kid stabilize their energy for whole life. Moms are always cautious about what food to feed to their toddler. Here is the list of 10 best and super foods for kids.

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