Munib Nawaz Collection at Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week

Munib Nawaz’s latest collection is a tribute to the journey, cause and life of one of the subcontinent’s most prolific poets and thought leaders, Ghalib. Ghalib 2017 is a tribute to the modern artist who knows how to remain unique and true to his inner thoughts despite the social norms of being otherwise.

Ghalib's art is about his journey, the places he's been to, the love he had and lost, and the questions of faith that kept him going. Ghalib didn’t succumb to social pressures, living life on his own terms. With this collection, Munib Nawaz attempts to showcase a collection that enables people to embrace their unique identities and put together their own image instead of how they are expected to be seen.

The colours and the textures are based in what Ghalib would have looked like in this day and age, the nonchalance, the effortlessness and the ability to remain unique in a world of replicas. The shapes of the garments are modern with a lot of intrinsic detailing and the colours are gloomy yet retrospective, from spruce green to Turkish coffee and rusted copper. The idea is to give you a chance to step inside the mind of Ghalib and to give Ghalib a body to walk in!

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