Still Waters Publishing proudly launched Khaula Jamil and her debut book entitled Raw Life in Karachi on the 26th of April at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Raw Life is a graphic design and photography based book which explores the idea of Creativity through the lives of 10 Creative Professionals in Pakistan. The launch was initiated with a delivery by the publishers, followed by an address by seasoned creative professional Hasan Zaidi. An introduction to the book was shared by the author culminating in the screening of a documentary on Raw Life and book signing opportunities with the author and featured creative professionals present. Managed by Wow Factor, this event book marks the luxury publishing house’s third title after the critically acclaimed “Revived – The Journey Within” in 2007 and the anthology of contemporary English Poems by Faraz Maqsood Hamidi entitled “SKIN” launched in February this year.

Present at the launch were acclaimed novelist Muhammad Hanif, seasoned television personality Marina Khan, television producer Jalil Akhtar,  event manager Frieha Altaf, Fareshteh Aslam, VJ’S Anoushey Ashraf and Ayesha Omar, filmmaker Hasan Zaidi, actress and dancer Arjumand Rahim, choreographer Omer Rahim, television producer Nini Rafi, musician Louis Gumby Pinto, music producer Shahi Hasan, video director Sohail Javed, television producer Saad Bin Mujeeb, television personality Ghazi Salahuddin, actor Raju Jamil, journalist Leon Menezes, curator Canvas Art Gallery Sameera Raja, fine artist Naiza Khan, Naad-e-Ali Zaidi and creative entrepreneur Yousuf B. Qureshi.
Speaking about the release of Raw Life, publishers Kiran Aman and Khadija Malik Hassan have said: “Raw Life is a visually engaging exploration of the idea of creativity. As a book that expresses its ideas primarily through graphic design and photography it is an act of innovation in itself. The need for such discourse in Pakistan runs deeper than simply inspiring the young. It takes a step towards satisfying the need for recognizing those people who are overcoming ongoing creative challenges in order to develop a notion of Creativity that belongs to Pakistan.”

Speaking about her inspiration for Raw Life, Khaula Jamil has said, “Raw Life was conceived as a result of two separate concerns. First, the sense of accomplishment I felt when my photo-blog, which I have been maintaining for five years now, received feedback from hundreds of people across the globe telling me how my imagery and thoughts inspired them, and brought out a sense of creativity in even the most so called non-creative individuals. Second, as a student of graphic design in Pakistan, I struggled to find information on our Creatives that would facilitate my research as an Art student in my own country. These two separate thoughts merged one afternoon and Raw Life was born.”

This book features VJ Anoushey Ashraf, Actor Arjumand Rahim, Filmmaker Hasan Zaidi, Novelist Kamila Shamsie, Makeup Artist Mubashir Khan, Fine Artist Naiza Khan, Musician Qurram Hussain (Q), Comedian Saad Haroon, Graphic Designer Sara Jamil and Yousuf B. Qureshi, Creative Entrepreneur, most of whom were present at the event. Through these subjects the book endeavours to offer an insight into the mind of such creative professionals and aims to inspire acts of creativity in both aspiring and non-creative people who seek to express themselves but may not have a ready medium of expression.  Raw Life also portrays how creativity cannot be stereotyped and that there is not a single objective ‘correct’ definition or formula that defines the term ‘creative.’

Raw Life is available for a retail price of PKR 3000 in Karachi at Liberty Books, the Canvas Art Gallery and Galleria 919 and in Lahore at The Shoppe, Iqbal Book Corner and Anees Book Corner. 

Still Waters Publishing introduced Raw Life, a graphic design and photography based book by Khaula Jamil at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture to much acclaim. The book celebrates the lives of 10 creative professionals.

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