Good Life Restaurant Launch Event


The Food Consults (Pvt) is the owning company of Sukh Cha’n Wellness Club and the restaurant brand Salt’n Pepper. The first Salt’n Pepper Restaurant was established in 1983 by hotelier/restaurant entrepreneur Mahmood Akbar, considered by many as the pioneer hotelier and restaurateur in Pakistan.

The Sukh Cha’n Wellness Club has been named after the Punjabi concept of Sukh and Cha’n, which means Peace and Comfort and collectively it means Wellness –a well-being state where the body and the mind are in harmony. Sukh Cha’n is also a tree found commonly across the plains of Punjab. The tree is known for its thick and dense shade, under which people sought sukh and chan during summers in Punjab.
The Sukh Chan Wellness Club was created with the same notion of providing comfort and peace to the residents of Lahore from their stressful and fast lives. Sukh Chan provides an educational and recreational platform to the public where an individual can positively change his/her lifestyle.

The club was launched in the heart of Lahore after 8 years’ research on September 16, 2005, and since then has grown considerably in terms of member strength, services and recognition. The club has also received various accolades for being Pakistan’s Best Health Club.

After the success of Sukh Cha’n in Gulberg the enterprising Nina Akbar launches good life fitness centre her latest venture under the umbrella of Sukh Cha’n in DHA phase 4.

Nina Akbar launches good life fitness centre her latest venture under the umbrella of Sukh Cha'n in DHA, Lahore.

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