Shahid Afridi will Work with Brands for Rations

The crickter took to Twitter to announce that he will continue to work from brands and he's willing to do it for free but on one condition.

That's right, Shahid Afridi wants to be paid in funds and rations which can go on to people who need them due to the spread of Covid-19.

"I don't need anything financially. I'm available for you all. On social media, for TV, for any activities. I don' want money, I want rations, prepared rations that you can send to me so I make sure those in need get them."

Afridi has been extremely active in these dire times; his charity organisation has been actively collecting donations and making sure those who are suffering during this lockdown are taken care of, through food drives and whatnot.

But according to Afridi, "Pakistan is huge and there are still many who are waiting for their rations."

This is a unique but very interesting proposition by Shahid Afridi and we hope it works for the better!

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