Shaan Calls For Artists Unity And Strengthening Of Local Film Industry

A call has been made by Pakistani Film star Shaan Shahid to all the local actors, producers and artists to join together and demonstrate total unity . Through this unity , they cam ,make the country’s film industry a cohesive force and thereby add strength to its existence. The post appeared on his official Facebook page. Via this post Shan shared his thoughts and feelings with all stakeholders and his message was loud and clear and effective. 

He emphasised that"Let’s make our version of super hero films, parallel films, let’s make our version of ‘Zero Dark Thirty”. In his lovable way Shan advised that it is vital to add strength and vitality to the national film industry and use this moment in our lives to enable " the rebirth of our industry". He further underlined the need for creation of production houses that should produce films with the help of stars and young directors signing projects, giving fee discounts and most importantly collectively working as an organisation.

Shan also stated via the post that all the artists must become ambassadors of Pakistani films and ask people to come invest in the industry not just financially but to bring change and make country’s movies "its biggest export to the world". He also stressed that there is a need to voice out and complained that Pakistanis have been silent for too long a time because of fear and hopelessness. Interestingly Shan Shahid is a combination of talents and he has proved himself as a successful actor ,script writer, model, and even film director.

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