Salman Khan turns fanboy for Shah Rukh Khan outside Mannat

You know how much Salman Khan loves cycling around the city. That’s his favourite pass-time. When he is not shooting, this is how he chills.

He goes for a ride on his Being Human e-cycle and can be seen having loads of fun doing that as well. I mean I have never seen anyone so happy to ride a cycle on the streets of Mumbai which are not even properly maintained. So what is the news in this, you ask? Well, Salman shared a video of him cycling past Mannat screaming ‘Shah Rukh Khan‘.

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No kidding! That actually happened. Salman did scream Shah Rukh Khan outside Mannat. So he was cycling in Bandra as usual and he happened to cross Mannat. Again as it is usual, there were people outside Mannat hoping to catch a glimpse of SRK. But instead they got a glimpse of the Dabangg Khan. He too had fun teasing them. He even laughs while doing so.

Check out the video right here to know why we are saying that.

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