Sahar Atif Talks About Saai in Exclusive Interview With Fashion Central

How would you describe your label SAAI ?

Saai and ‘Sahar Atif‘ are two multi facet labels which go into mobilization depending on the nature of the project. For most parts the brand Saai by Sahar Atif is all about a creative force showcasing multiple collections at various runways and retailing out of multi label stores and also a private studio.

Saai collections are segmented into signature timeless bridal wear and affordable off the rack convenient pret solutions.

When it comes to various industry based projects Sahar Atif will venture out alone lending her name and expertise to provide design consultancy to other brands.

What is keeping you busy these days? What projects are you working on ? Please give us all the details.?

Past few months the Saai studio has been buzzing about ChenOne’swomen’s wear brand Pareesa and its various collections which are being designed out of our studio and being sent into mass production at the Chenab factory.

My heart and soul is into the project as I’m not a believer of luxury pret.True pret is about affordable clothing for the masses of the Pakistan available nationwide.Sahar Atif coming together with Pareesa is activating this strategy.

Parallel to this I am very excited about working with a buying house in Pakistan developing embroideries for a huge USA home furnishing brand. I am looking forward to getting into its production soon.

What do you feel is that extra that your brand offers ?

The Saai studio is a cosy comfortable environment where our prestigious clients are given a feeling that they are the creators of their garment.

Client feedback tells us that it’s a great level of customer service and comfort level they share with the Saai team,a blend of friendliness and professionalism that they enjoy the most.In such a competitive design environment I find that to be our USP

Where do you get inspiration for your designs ?

To get inspired isn’t intentional, neither is it a revolutionary moment in time. It’s actually an ongoing process in the life of the designer which is happening constantly.

What is a normal day for you like ?

My day starts very early with my children and in a very domesticated way. After the children leave and I enjoy my time to myself I delve right into some serious time spent solely on thinking of work.If I manage to start my day in such a way then I walk into the studio or the class room far more focused and ready for action in the right direction.

We are a family oriented lot, so time away from home is spent at work and evenings dedicated to the family.

You are a fashion designer, an entrepreneur and a teacher. How do you manage to strike a balance between professional and personal life ?

Multi-tasking is the name of the game. I normally divide the academic year in such a way that I the pressure is neutrally balanced between home, Saai and teaching. I take my holidays very seriously because I’m very aware that it’s the fun time that keeps me charged and energised as a professional and a happy mom.

What is your personal signature style ?

Understated with a dash of spunk be it a hint of red lipstick or a striking scarf or jewelry piece.

Some advice you would like to share with the young, up and coming designers ?

Never forget that being all the glamour of the fashion business is painstakingly long hours of production and hard work in adverse environment

What are your future plans ?

Just to have fun at work. It’s been great so far bound to only get better!

Sahar Atif of fashion label Saai discloses her designing philosophy in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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