Raaz 2

People are considering this movie as related to some mystery, or having some curiosity, as its slogan ‘Mystery Continues’ suggests.

The sequel of successful RAAZ, which was slightly based on the Hollywood movie’ What lies Beneath’, Raaz 2 has come with the previous frostiness casing.

The movie’s main leading characters were performed by Emraan Hashmi as Prithvi, Adhyayan Suman as Yash and Kangana Ranaut as Nandita. The movie is directed by Mohit Suri.

This movie revolves around the psyche of the human mind. Also tells that how some people can become superstitious at times. It is the story of a successful fashion model Nandita, who first fall in love with a sitcom director Yash and later with an artist Prithvi. During his love affair with the director Yash, she suddenly meets with an artist Prithvi; this is the point where her life turns into another world. The mystery in the movie actually begins from this point.  He tells her that all her paintings are for her, she started loving him. But after some time he tells her that all his painting for her, are getting dull and discolored, so, her life is in danger. At first she took his predictions as naughty and non sense, but then scary things happen to her and she started believing……………………

Well something bit not sound about the movie is that in the start the film looks like a fashion show, when Kangna walk as in the ramp. Also when you prepare yourself for some horrible situation, you will find nothing as serious and horrible as you was started thinking about. Some people are taking this movie as the traditional myths and fight between the good and evil of the Indian films.  
            The music and romantic lyrics of this mystery based love story is given by so many people likeSharib and Toshi, Raju Singh, Pranay M Rijia, Gourov Dasgupta, Sayeed Quadri, and Kumaar.

So, do watch this mysterious and romantic love story with a little suspense. 

It's time to give you another review of latest smash hit RAAZ 2.

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