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Bollywood is proudly producing New York based directed movies from the last few years. Although to shoot a movie in such an expensive city New York, is not less then taking a risk; as producers can’t be sure that the high- budged movie will earn the desired results or not? 

The previously produced movies of Bollywod in New York received very good response in every aspect. Now recently publicized movie named ‘New York’ is on the way to get the feed back. No doubt this movie itself is a symbol of the city New York, directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Yash Raj films and released on 26th of June 2009. According to Kabir Khan ‘One shot of New York, and you know this is New York".

The leading film stars of the film include Iran Khan, John Abraham, Katreina Kaif, and Neil Nitin Mukesh. The film actually endeavors to scrutinize the civil-liberties abuses after the drastic accident of 9/11. In other words we can say that it’s a sensitive assessment of the war on terror, in silent way. The film makers actually wanted to examine the abuses & deteriorating of civil liberties because of the creative liberties.

The movie starts with suspense and anxiety; when FBI arrests an Indian-immigrant cabbie, transporting the supply of AK-47s and plastic explosives in the trunk of his hired ride. Also the loyalist driver Omer (Nitin Mukesh), under the Patriot Act, stubbornly rejects any illegal behavior. His interrogator (one & only Irfan Khan) that he can withdraw him, only when if he collaborates with his colleague & friend Samir (John Abraham) and becomes his secret agent.  

After watching the movie till this critical situation, the audience gets the chance to relax by enjoying the past life of the characters. When it turned to previous years of the characters in 1999, where Omer, Samir and stunningly beautiful Maya (Katrina Kaif) were the happy and innocent students at the New York State University. Omer, Samir and Maya were very good friends. There are bit carefree students and takes no worries of the classes even. There was only the Musical tableau again and again to call attention to the carefree youngster’s passion and most important was the Omer’s unreturned love for Maya.

Then there happy life took a harsh turned when 9/11 happened; this was the point from where the clashes and the unexpected revolutionizes occur in the lives of the characters. Even then masses give way to hidden pain; the romance becomes upset because of the suddenly created controversies.

The movie is a touchy and inspiring mixture of friendship, love and death, romance and disaster. It deals with the aftereffects of the September 11 mishap in New York, America. It presented that how the life of happy people, particularly the lives of the Muslims living in America changes. If you really want to understand the whole context of this movies, it’s good if you’ll watch the Pakistani movie of 2007 ‘Khuda K Liye’; which was the same sequenced movie.

 In short, this movie is a splendid combination of different types of emotions, so it’s a must watch movie.   


The movie is a touchy and inspiring mixture of friendship, love and death; romance and disaster. It deals with the aftereffects of the September 11 mishap in New York, America.

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