Nadia Hussain Reveals Shocking Statement on Sadaf Kanwal’s Latest Controversy

Nadia Hussain Khan is a Pakistani television actress, host, supermodel, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. She’s recognized as one of Pakistan’s first supermodels.

The comments started pouring in after a screenshot was shared by a netizen in which the price is revealed for a casual dress from her fashion line.

( Photo Credit: Facebook/ Screenshot )

Netizens believe it’s better to invest in gold rather than buy such an expensively priced dress.

Senior model Nadia Hussain also lashed out at netizens for trolling Sadaf for her pricing tactics.

As the host of the show welcomed Sadaf Kanwal to the stage, but love proved to be a gentleman as her husband Shehroz could not help shouting ‘Aram see ‘Ararm see (carefully), setting tongues wagging. Have a video look!

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