Munib Nawaz Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

1. Where did the idea of designing clothes started? How did you enter this industry and when?

I LOVE CREATING THINGS… it was merely a matter of time that I found fabrics and starting converting them into commercial garments … rest as they say is history … how I entered.. long story …will shorten … did exhibitions when I was in school .. then in college to pay myself through .. then amir adnan … then Munib Nawaz … then is now .. J

2. You are definitely a successful designer but would you like to share your journey with us?

The journey has been a lot of fun … crazy bewilderd… anything but the ordinary .. I to be very honest was never the fashionista sort hence many people kinda felt weird about my career choice .. the journey has been about learning and is still the same … the best part about this has been the love for what I do has grown … I have had the best of people pulling me up and the very best pushing me down hence the forces that have been acting on me have been so intense that they all have made me a much stronger human being than who I thought I would have been … so thanks to everyone who has ever crossed my path whether in positive light or in shades of negativity … you all have made the journey so much more fun … my mother, my father, friends .. collegues… workers.. everyone deserves to be as much a Munib Nawaz as I am ..

3. What was it like to make a mark in this industry and also what do you think of our fashion industry?

You see when you are 21 and nominated at lux style awards for best mens wear designer… its ecstatic … like I said the love has just grown insanely .. I love our industry …it has the components of everything great … its only a matter of time when these forces in the industry will realize a larger potential and then the world will want to reach out to Pakistan for its fashion… inshallah ..

4. How do you take competition? Does it scare you in any way?

Love them… for they create the industry person can never create an industry … we should flourish many many more designers in every aspect of design if we are to grow as a market … I just want them to create their own focus rather than following that which is done … when we start creating our own little identities the sum of all of us will yield a much larger industry.

5. Tell us about your family and friends and how they support you?

My mother is the reason why I followed my heart into this field.. I remember when the chips were down … she in her simplest of manners just said things that just made me wanna rise up and face all that was put in front of me.

My wife has been a centrifugal force in everything I have done since we got married… she makes me want to become a better person

My friends have become my adopted family .. actually they are ones who have adopted me .. they been the positive light that have shown me the way through the pits of darkness… bina baji, shahrukh, ahmer, tj, mishal, maha, vesu, arsalan, and so many more … im not the most expressive person but I hope they know how much they mean to me …

6. As a designer what city do you think is better in terms of fashion Lahore or Karachi? Which one of them do you like more?

I think we need to get beyond this question … no seriously you think anyone reading this gives a @#% about the city… especially being a www(worldwideweb) company… come on ..

7.  What does it mean to be a Pakistani for you?

Potential to be great…

8.  What kind of music keeps you going?

These days im back to my obscure roots of nature inspired metal empyrium, moonspell, faun, dead can dance.. besides that love the chaand taara orchestra (babar sheikh & glen johns new venture in Pakistani music) kolachi quartet(emu’s fazz venture)..ali azmat noori .. paki rock is amazing.. 

9.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Many places.. growing the industry at large .. creating things and ventures that will enable growth in the local industry .. going green with my manufacturing.. exporting more.. helping designers export and reach out to new markets.. make a little ripple in the Pakistani globalization campaign ..

10. As we know that you do not like to keep any boundaries when it comes to designing but what is your designing philosophy?

No boundaries is the thought.. I think we cant create philosophies … that’s a big word.. let Aristotle Socrates Nietzsche keep the word… I love them too much to take their words as yet ..

11. Any message you would like to give to our readers in terms of fashion? Any tips?

Be better than who you are today … 5 pak rupees more a day for 180 million people for one year can help Pakistan make 360 million dollars more… do the maths ..

12. We have heard about your women’s line coming up soon would you like to share it with us?

Its called attributes of a woman – ATW will be made available in selected stores in Pakistan hopefully by mid fall season ..

13. What are your future endeavors?

Some … will let you know when they launch … everything im doing is geared towards INSPIRE.BETTER.LIFE.STYLE (our company mission statement)

14. Where do you see our industry today and what needs to be done?

Our industry is heading in the right direction… public private partnerships need to grow.. the ingredients of success are available…

15. Fashion with boundaries or no boundaries?

Fashion appeals to a sense of touch and sight so its beyond boundaries anyone who understands the senses that fashion affects is our target audience, like music of nusrat fateh ali khan sahib appeals to anyone who can hear … we touch the lives of people … fashion has a role to play in the future of the planet carving substance with style.

16. What are your interests? What do you do other than designing?

Too much … music, poetry, sports, help people learn while learning from them .. think about the most random things and try n make sense …

17. Favorite quote?


In the name of ALLAH – the merciful and beneficent – Holy Quraan

Well known Pakistani fashion designer Munib Nawaz shares the secrets of his life in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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