Mehrene Anwer of Vibgyor Talks to Fashion Central

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself: do you have a fashion education?

Fashion has always come to me as a second nature. Since childhood, I was very particular about which outfit was to be worn at which occasion, keeping the day and night aspect for colors also in my mind. So, the passion was always present, it was not a, “I’ll grow up to be a Fashion Designer”, but something that was always hidden deeply rooted and craved to unravel from my personality. I have, very proudly completed my four years of BFD- Bachelors in Fashion Designing from Asian Institute of Fashion Design in Karachi, Pakistan with an A grade in my Thesis/Collection, and by managing a steady 3.0 or above GPA in all my 4 yrs of university education with a lot of hard work, keen interest and effort. I am on the Deans’ List and have received a certificate for it.

Q2: What inspired you to launch your own label Mehrene?

Once with the completion of my degree, I knew there was a step to be taken to move forward in life. To spend 4 whole years on a passion that was ingrained since childhood, I had extreme enthusiasm for the day to launch my own label. Inspiration surrounds us from everywhere, in our daily routine: nature, colors, paintings, all in all everything is inspirational. When you’re a designer not just fabric and colors, but when anything with creativity and originality is nearby, with a positive attitude one takes out inspiration from even the purity and brightness of the sun.

Q3: The first collection you have launched is called Vibgyor: what does the word Vibgyor mean?

My Debut Event at Brands-Just Pret is called VIBGYOR which signifies the seven colors of the rainbow. VIBGYOR is simply a collection bursting with life, color & simplicity. It lets one embrace a sense of sun-drenched adventure for upcoming Spring/Summer 2012, bringing to us its exotic tones, funky array of vivid colors, playful prints & the most beautiful subtle feminine touches.

Q4: You have chosen a vibrant and bright color palette for your first collection: what inspired this selection?

The selection was not planned I don’t allow myself to plan each and every step for a particular collection. As it is, it was my first time to create an absolute Mehrene Collection, which would let the buyer feel they are wearing my sense of fashion, and can relate to the style so comfortably making it become a part of their own skin. At the end of the day, when all the clothes were ready I realized of how the word VIBGYOR brings them all together like a band, just like a rainbow.

Q5: What trends will we be noticing for Spring-Summer 2012?

Spring-Summer 2012 trends shall be heavenly fabrics, adorned with fabulous vivid color, neon neon and more neon colors, as well as soft neutrals, and pastels – most popular being soft mint green. Look again this spring to seeing lots of red, and tons of lace, not to mention flowing floral prints. Single Block colors, rule out this Spring-Summer, Whimsical prints, stripes and high-waisted flare pants are so big this spring.

Q6: Are shirts going to become longer or shorter in Spring-Summer 2012?

At the moment, I would like to play it safe and say; both. Long shirts have been here a while since the past 3 to 4 years, and thus short lengths do need to make a comeback. Yet, I feel the females of our society are not ready to let go off, the feeling of grace and glamour of long flares and enjoying comfortably the loose silhouette of the endless kalis the tailors enjoy stitching, while taking big bucks off from their clients.

Q7: Is it tights or churidars for 2012?

Again, both. It’s all how you wear it, what you wear it with, and where you wear it. Think Eastern- wear it with a cotton or a lawn churidar; plain or printed is oh so fun! If Western, go for tights or the bright funky leggings, they have a fabulous fit and tend to make legs look extremely skinny.

Q8: Which local designer do you feel is truly original?

Sania Maskatiya & Zaheer Abbas– Both young & extremely fresh. Love their work, from day one off from each runway.

Q9: Tell us about the embellishments you use: do you work with specific materials or do you play around with a mixture of materials?

I have realized I like to play around with everything. Going with one fabric is also where I decided to play it safe, but not boring. Embellishments are less, but eye catching. I tried to do my own accessories for people to be attracted to the outfit even more. Vibgyor outfits are fun. They’re confident. They have their own place in the industry but they’re also very mature. Very little thought goes into making this stuff I make. It is on impulse, experimental, all thanks to my fashion education. I think of colors all day and suddenly if I think of ice blue I wonder if red or yellow will go with it. If I think it doesn’t match I’ll do it. The fun is when you see the result of 2 totally offbeat colors working wonders.

Q10: Describe the Vibgyor woman?

The Vibgyor Woman is – The simple yet stylish female at any event, she is impeccable every single time and gets it right. That’s her own thing. She just has it in her.

Mehrene Anwer of Vibgyor talks to Fashion Central in an exclusive interview and signifies her love for seven colors of rainbow and dress designing.

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