Meera celebrated 25th Birthday?


It seems we’ve been seeing Meera since ages but she is still 25!! Is she??

Well, believe it or not, but Meera celebrated her 25th birthday with journalists in Karachi on May 21.

Speaking on the occasion, Meera said, “I would like to thank Aziz Awan and Asif Ali Pota, for remembering my birthday, which although falls on May 12, I was busy shooting certain programmes, recording certain stuff and so I could not travel back to Lahore to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.”

Dressed in cream colored outfit, Meera wished ‘Happy Birthday’ to herself, while cutting the two-tier cake as someone joked Happy 25th Birthday Meera, which made everyone laugh but Meera angry.

Meera didn’t confirm she is 25 or not! But she did start a speech on non serious behavior of Pakistani people. She said, “We need to become serious, we are not serious people, just look at the nation, this non-serious attitude has led us, where? Sadly, Pakistan has become a laughing stock in front of the entire world.” 

“I would want a serious attitude from the media, this is a serious business, we have to give each other respect.” She added bluntly.

It seems we’ve been seeing Meera since ages but she is still 25!! Is she??

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