Maya Khan’s Despite Teary Eyed, No Unconditional Apology

When Kamran questioned why she conducted such a program, Maya Khan defended herself, saying she had received numerous complaints from worried parents who were concerned about such ‘immoral activities’.

According to the morning show host Maya Khan, all the people that she had questioned during her show’s infamous episode on dating couples were paid actors. She said she was never given a chance to present her side of the story. Maya asked, “Is there no difference between a sin and a mistake?” I have been under house arrest ever since the media outcry against my show started. I am abused through phone calls, text messages, and via Facebook,” she complained.

Maya’s husband Waseem Molani, while speaking on the show via telephone, said that he had always advised Maya to move to the US, but she refused to do so because “she wanted to stay in Pakistan and help her people.

Maya also invited two of the purportedly paid actors to the program. She further provided Kamram with a DVD with recorded statements from the female actors. However, these actors wore veils.

In the end, Frontline host Kamran Shahid accused her of misleading and “bluffing her audience” and asked her to render an unconditional apology to her viewers and the people of Pakistan. Maya said, “leaving aside what I did was wrong or not, I ask for forgiveness from my fans: I am really, very, very sorry.

Speaking on the show Frontline, hosted by Kamran Shahid, visibly upset Maya Khan claimed that the entire episode was scripted.

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