Mawra Hocane’s Take Love Shouldn’t Feel Like Hard Work

In the age of complicated “situationships,” understanding love seems elusive to many, but not to Mawra Hocane. The actor, adamant that she’s not currently in love, recently shared her insights on what love should entail in the modern era and how to recognize it.

In a candid interview with Something Haute while promoting her upcoming TV serial “Let’s Try Muhabbat” alongside Danyal Zafar, Hocane portrayed love as a realm where pretenses are discarded, and authenticity prevails. She emphasized that intimacy and authenticity are inseparable, stating, “Being in love means being your true self.”

Acknowledging life’s inherent chaos, especially in the spotlight of celebrity, Hocane asserted, “Life is already so complicated that love should be easy.”

However, she clarified that by “easy,” she doesn’t mean being complacent. “Relationships should be effortless. The only exertion should be in giving love. If it feels like a struggle, then it might not be love. It should be straightforward and uncomplicated.”

Despite her profound reflections on love, Hocane affirmed that she’s not currently entangled in its complexities. Explaining further, she distinguished between familial bonds, which are inherited, and romantic relationships, which are deliberate choices. “Love is a conscious decision. When you choose someone, you’re inviting them into your already bustling life. So it should flow smoothly.”

Hocane’s perspectives challenge conventional notions of love prevalent in Pakistani media, suggesting a need for more nuanced portrayals of romance. Her insights offer hope for romantics and the portrayal of love in entertainment media.

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