Mawra Hocane’s Dream Actor Isn’t Ranbir Kapoor Anymore

Her previous passionate desire has been to work with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. Now however it is apparent that she is no longer interested in Ranbir and there is a change of preferences.

In a recent radio interview overseas with Special Broadcasting Service SBS in Sydney, Mawra the star of Sanam Teri Kasam actor came up with the revelation that Ali Zafar is an artist she dreams to work with: “I hope I can work with him soon, he’s a wonderful human being and he’s such a great performer. He opened the show at the Lux Style Awards and though I knew him from before, I was mesmerized by his performance – the way he took over the show. “The news carries an amazing touch and surprises many in the field.

She is seeking to work with Ali Zafar in movies and while that stands confirmed, another development is that she hopes and plans to join hands with her sister Urwa to do some projects. In this connection she said “We’re looking forward to working together; we’re waiting for a good script, because usually they [TV shows] show sisters fighting or being envious of each other, or destroying the other’s families’. So we’re waiting for a script which displays the essence of sisterhood“.

The relations between Mawra and her sister are ideal and infact the sister is her inspiration in acting matters. The recent success attained by Urwa via her role in recent TV serial Udaari is worth compliments and admiration. And the topic of the serial centres around the sensitive topic of child abuse. Interestingly it has been disclosed by Mawra that her upcoming Hum TV drama Sammi is based on similar theme and lines.

As for the Pak-India divide and subsequent ban on Indian films, Mawra is all for local cinema and feels confident and assured about the national film world to operate independently. Speaking about this she said, “I don’t feel we’re dependent on anybody [Bollywood or Hollywood films]. I personally believe there’s no lack of talent in our country, nor entertainment in this world. Our dramas are the best in the world, they’re recognized globally for being the best. The only reason we watch other country’s films is for our own exposure, so it’s not about the need or the lack thereof of our films.”

With regard to her upcoming movies, nothing was shared, though she went to the extent of sharing that she will not prefer playing the part of another ‘damsel in distress’.

Mawra Hocaine has shared her new star crush and stated I was mesmerised by his performance, the way he took over the show.

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