Interview of Tooba Siddiqui

As we all know, Tooba Siddiqui started her voyage from a charity show followed by her debut photo shoot with ace photographer Ather Shezad and the rest they say is history. Making place amongst the top ten models like Veneeza, Iraj and Nadia Hussain was not an easy jobs for a new winnable like her, for sure, but with her exemplary zest, unparallel enthusiasm and a knack to make it big, she proved that she’s there to stay.

Today she’s a force to reckon with an identity of her own.

1. Your must valuable assets?

My Family

2. Craziest thing ever did?

I always do crazy things. I guess it was really very crazy when I landed New York without any intimation and surprised my family.

3. One person you idealize?

My Mother

4. One talent, you would love to have most?


5. On what occasions do you lie?

When it come to love and romance

6. Philosophy of life?

Living at the best

7. On a blind date you’d go out with?

You never know who would it be when it’s a ‘blind’ date.

8. Secret ambition?

I don’t keep any secret ambitions everybody knows what my ambitions are.  All I want to do is a good film.

9. You’d like to be reborn as?


10. Recurring dream?

Winning an Oscar

11. One project you’d give your eye and teeth for?

Doing a film

12. An historic figure you are in love with?

Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

13. A project you wish you couldn’t have done?

I don’t remember exactly. There had been a lot of projects in the past that I did just for the money and today I feel I shouldn’t have done those.

14. One activity that keeps you occupied in your free time?

Watching movies

15. Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of gets doing?

I guess nothing. I hardly get bored

16. What fictional character from you wish existed in real life?


17. If there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?

I don’t think I would want to change anything about myself

18. Your mostly likely turns off?

Bad smell

19. Turns on?

Great sense of Humor

20. Your message to the World?

Live your dreams


(Source: S+ magazine, The Nation)



Tooba Siddiqui is no doubt a super model of Pakistani Fashion Industry today.

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