Interview of Miss. Natasha Paracha

Everyone shares their condolences with the victims of the recent Mumbai attacks – a tragic incident, indeed.  Among them is the beautiful Miss Pakistan World Natasha Paracha who has shown her strong feelings against the atrocity and believes that this recent tragedy was the work of misguided individuals who do not represent a specific religion, creed or nationality. According to her, the young men behind the bombings may have links with Pakistan is in no way pinpointing the culture and caliber of people who characterize Pakistan.

Paracha, thought to be the the sixth woman in the history of Pakistan as to be crowned Miss Pakistan World 2008, is also the Chairperson of Pakistani Affairs with the International Renewable Energy Organization at the United Nations. Her association with renewable energy and alternatives has lead her to constituting a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing clean water in the Middle East, Haiti, Libya and Brazil.

Graduated in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley in 2005, Miss Paracha was also the founder of the Pakistani Students Association in her college.

A picture of a true ambassador of Pakistan, Natasha Paracha has also created a non-profit foundation, Vision of Development, which aims to stretch out to the poor regions of the country and eradicate poverty in any way possible.

Paracha’s involvement in renewable energy and alternatives has lead her to forming the non-profit organizaton which is dedicated to clean water initiatives in the Middle East, Haiti, Libya and Brazil.

1. Express your opinion on the recent tragedy in Mumbai?

The tragedy in Mumbai has left us all in shock. It is difficult to understand that such violent acts are taking place in metropolitan regions. First, the attacks that were carried out at Marriott in Islamabad and now this. It is important for the world to recognize that the individuals who carried out the attacks do not represent any religion, creed or nationality. I have family and friends that live close to the Taj and Oberoi and my heart goes out to all those innocent people involved.

2. What is the most misunderstood aspect about Pakistani women and the role they play in that society:

In history, there definitely has been a misconception in the Western world that Pakistani women come in second compared to their male counterparts. However, women in Pakistan have played a major role in politics and activism. Pakistan is the first country in the Muslim world to see a female Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan also has seen great female leaders in the arts, legal arena and work force.

3. You are involved in a non-profit energy initiative. What do you hope to accomplish?

I work for the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization at the United Nations. IREO is an intergovernmental organization that works to promote the use of affordable, clean sources of renewable energy worldwide. It strives to make alternative renewable energy sources a key component

Source — prlog (website)

The tragic Mumbai blasts was indeed a sorrow for all. Miss Pakistan World 2008 Natasha Paracha shares her views on the tragic incident

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