Eesha deol needs help!

Eesha Deol tried a number of times to make her mark in the style world and it only tells us that style is inherent and something you are born with. Eesha Deol is a bit tomboyish and sometimes it seems that Eesha Deol is not comfortable in what Eesha Deol is wearing. Usually when Eesha Deol makes an appearance in the public it seems like she got ready in a little while and did not pay much attention to herself.

Even thought Eesha Deol’s mother is a style icon and she has been the symbol of fashion and a trend setter for so long but sadly enough Eesha Deol did not get any of the style from her mother.
Do you Eesha Deol’s lack of dressing sense, Eesha Deol ends up being the worse dressed mostly everywhere she goes.

Eesha Deol is even though the daughter of a style icon but sadly she did not inherit any of the style for her mother.

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