Dawar Rashid, President & CEO-Wing Chair talks to Fashion Central

1. What is wing chairs origin and which other companies are you associated with?

Wing chair was established back in 1985 in Spain and the company was introduced in Pakistan for the first time in 2003. We are proudly associated with 15 of the most renowned companies from Europe. These include Malerba, Ivanca, Creaciones Royal, Eve, Almerich, Cordon and Strabo. In cooperation these companies effectively bring together the right blend of modern and classic furniture.

2. What is the idea that wing chair is promoting?

The idea is to sell a concept and not just a piece of furniture. In every room that we create the environment must be aesthetically appealing and the end product must have character.  We create signature designer looks that stand for luxury and panache.

3. Why import furniture from Spain, why not Thailand or China or better yet, produce furniture in Pakistan?

In all honesty a major reason for this decision was the fact that wing chair spain is owned by a very dear friend of mine and it was on his advice that I considered bringing the company to Pakistan.

Apart from this the fact remains that all the latest trends come from Europe, so every design we bring in is an original and not a copy such as those brought in from Thailand and China.

4. What makes wing chair different from other furniture companies?

Our product. We deal in designer furniture and that is evident from our intricately carved and painted pieces with finishes that cannot be matched by anyone else in Pakistan. Our products are well researched and then launched in international fairs. Not only do we import our products but our ability to reproduce these at our own manufacturing facility in Pakistan gives us an edge over others who outsource.

5. What is the company’s focal point right now?

With the wedding season just around the corner our focus is mainly on bridal furniture. Together with our associate companies and our in-house designers we are developing a bridal range for this season. The collection entails the latest European trends and classic looks that never go out of fashion.

6. Was it risky bringing in designer furniture into the local market?

Well as far as the idea is concerned it was not risky at all. The risky part was the investment required and then to import finished products from Europe. The idea was well researched so we knew that the company was bound to make it big.

7. How has business grown since 2003?

The company has grown in every aspect. From the number of employees to the number of displays, the company has escalated in more than one way. We are now better known for our turnkey projects such as Lakecity, Bahria heights luxury apartments and Sitara Sapna city in Faislabad. In the future we may be working in collaboration with EMAR and concentrating on posh areas such as Gulberg and Defence.

8. Do you have any future expansion plans?

Apart from getting into exports we haven’t planned anything. We’re letting the company take its natural course.

9. Does wing chair provide consultancy services?

Yes, with experienced and multitalented designers on board we are fully equipped to deal with our clients consultancy needs.

10. Does wing chair provide financing plans?

Anyone interested in leasing their furniture may do it through Bank of Punjab.

11. Any advice for homebuilders, especially newly weds?

A lot of money time and effort is put into making a house but to convert it into a home is the real challenge. Most people tend to neglect their interiors once the house is built, which leaves the house looking empty and bland.

Adding character with the right pieces is the key to making a home. I would advise homebuilders to seek expert help when doing their interiors just as they do with the exterior because an expert’s input will make all the difference that is needed to polish and add warmth to your personal space.

Dawar Rashid, President & Group CEO of “Wing Chair” narrates the key points of his designer future in exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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