Bangles and Eid

Woman always inclined towards jewellery on special occasions like Eid and hardly imagine about Eid celebration without jewellery and makeup.

A variety of jewellery items are available in market now as rings, bracelets, ear rings, necklaces, anklets etc but one of the most feminine jewellery item are bangles commonly known as ‘Churian’ in our society.

Adorning your wrists on Eid is as important as adorning your ears with earrings and neck with beautiful pendants. Bangles are the decorative ornaments; adorning women wrists, which they are wearing from centuries.

Bangles are available in almost every material of your inclination from glass to plastic, pearl and silver to gold ranging with a difference in price, outlook and quality. But the most popular type is glass bangles with beautiful and elegant appearance and reasonable prices. They also create a musical sound that endows our personality with a harmonious effect. Glass bangles with classy gems, trinkets and ornaments add colour to our Eid celebration.

Glass Bangles are commonly popular among every woman regardless of their age group.
Due to diversity in its design you can easily any colour and style of your own choice.

Bangles always remain in women’s style from old times till at present. We can find it in ancient times with some different style and shape as Kangan, bazu band to beautify woman. There are number of jewellery items that women are using from pre-historic times but none could get the importance as bangles have. They are also considered to be sign of matrimony for woman.

Glass bangles are available in almost every colour that is another reason in its popularity because you can easily get matching with your dress. Glass bangles can be used on any occasion but especially on Eid woman flock toward market for matching bangles with their dresses. These glass bangles also give full colours and detonation to our Chand Raat, Eid, Mehndi, Eid Milan party or a small get together with friends. On Eid just matching bangles and light makeup can give you exclusively funky look.

Bangles have always been in style but they are more versatile and in vogue now. On Eid you can find glass bangles everywhere from huge shopping malls to small carts of street vendors. Luminescence, elegance and unique sound of glass bangles have their own uniqueness.

Surround your wrist in lush elegance by colourful glass bangles. Everyone can incorporate glass bangles on Eid according to their own choice because of unlimited new trends. Nothing can acquire the place of these glass bangles on Eid because tradition always has charisma that can’t be in any other thing.

Woman always inclined towards jewellery on special occasions like Eid and hardly imagine about Eid celebration without jewellery and makeup.

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