Ayesha Omar And Ahsan Khan Grocery Store Shoot: Fans Trolled

Ayesha Omar, an actress, recently posted a video of herself riding a horse on the set of Rehbra, a movie in which Ahsan Khan also stars. As a result of their reportedly explicit pose, the post went viral and received criticism. He afterward added a note to the caption that was intended specifically toward those who had negative things to say about it.

(Photo Credit: Niche Lifestyle/ @Instagram )

“P.s. turned off comments! Don’t want negative energy around. We just doing our work baby and laughing through the hard, tough shoot to keep our energy, mood, and focus up. It was freezing and raining and we hadn’t slept properly in days because of the nonstop shooting. We had 30 minutes to finish the entire sequence. We still put in our best with smiles on our faces. And that’s NOT easy,” she wrote in the caption.

Ayesha Omar shared some behind-the-scenes videos from the set of #Rehbra on Instagram. The actress responds to cruel comments made online by trolls by encouraging them to “take their dirty comments elsewhere.” Ayesha advised her followers to go see the movie in cinemas.

Here are the comments in which the actress faced backlash.

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