Amir Khan Apologizes to Wife Faryal Makhdoom, Vows to Seek Therapy for Sexting

Amir Khan, the former British light-welterweight world champion of Pakistani origin, publicly apologized to his wife Faryal Makhdoom, expressing his willingness to undergo therapy to address his habit of sexting other women.

Khan took responsibility for his actions, acknowledging that he had hurt his wife and made mistakes that have strained their relationship in the past.

The scandal unfolded two weeks ago when reports emerged of Khan engaging in explicit conversations with a model, including requesting provocative pictures and attempting to arrange a meeting.

According to The Sun, Faryal confronted him about the revelations and highlighted the impact his actions have had on their family. She questioned why he would seek involvement with other women when he had a loving and committed partner at home.

Reflecting on the situation, Khan expressed his openness to attending therapy sessions if Faryal believed it would help rebuild trust and address the underlying issues.


Recognizing the significance of mental health support, Khan stated that he believed any form of assistance could be beneficial, particularly in addressing mental health issues. He expressed a willingness to consider therapy as a means of personal growth and restoring the relationship.

During their holiday in Mykonos, where the couple sought solace and introspection, Khan fully acknowledged the severity of his actions. He expressed regret for engaging in explicit conversations and sending messages to women other than his wife. Although Khan did not consider it cheating, he understood Faryal’s anger and disappointment.

Having retired from boxing, Khan admitted that he sometimes made mistakes out of boredom and a lack of focus. He expressed a desire to redirect his energy positively through training, potential exhibition fights, and participation in television shows.

Amidst public scrutiny and criticisms, Khan extended his apology to Faryal, acknowledging the impact of his actions on their children and expressing remorse for any distress caused.

As Khan embarks on a journey of self-improvement and redemption, both he and Faryal hope to heal their relationship and move forward with renewed trust and commitment. The effectiveness of their efforts, including therapy sessions, will determine whether they can overcome the damage caused by Khan’s indiscretions and strengthen their bond once again.

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