Ahsan Nazir Talks to Fashion Central

Fashion Central takes pride in talking to a new entrant in fashion designing world, Ahsan Nazir, who is set out to create a huge name on only nationally, but internationally as well.

1. Kindly tell us something about yourself?

I am a meritorious fashion graduate of the Pakistan institute of fashion design, designing is my passion and I love doing it my cloths are about women..Wearing them with excess and finesse and I target it to all age groups my cloths are about fun with texture and detailing and very close to my personality.

2. The business you are in is full of challenges, and do you feel you have been able to cope with them?

Yes it is full of challenges and as far as my label is concerned we’ve organized our setup and team in such a way that we easily manage and cope up.

3. Designers normally win over minds and hearts do you agree with this?

100% agreed.

4. What are the major ingredients of your brand?

Quality quality and glamour.

5. In pursuing your goals what difficulties have you come across both from the angle of technology and resources?

Global fashion is so far ahead from us coz they have latest technology and all fabric resource etc which we don’t that’s y we designers are stuck for Pakistan only. We all really want to target for western market  but we don’t have the government and trade support.

7. Now that so many people look up to you for desire fulfillment, do you think you are always able to succeed?

80% yes and the rest we do try.

8. Any dress created by you that stands out in terms of excellence?

There are few outfits.

9. Have the parents been an inspiration in achieving success?

Yes they are very supportive and my investors.

10. Your family life, has it been affected by business demands on your time?

I am single so not that much but it does.

11. Along the way, have you been successful in developing a team?

A good team is a blessing and so far we have created a good team..

12. Where do the ideas flow from; self thinking or watching competitors and tracking their creations?

I try to keep in touch with the fashion forecast and follow it my own way… and we do look other designers work so that it’s a competition to create best… 

13. Any of your work that has helped to improve the image of Pakistan?

I did a fashion show last summers for independence of Pakistan at Alexander palace London it went well.

14. Five years from now, where do you expect to be?

Inshallah an established brand in Pakistan and also want to get an international recognition.

Global fashion is so far ahead from us because they have latest technology and all fabric resource etc which we don’t that’s why we designers are stuck for Pakistan only.

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