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Q1. What is Dance for a Cause?

Dance for a Cause is one of many activities conducted by ActOne. It involves gathering a lot of people, teaching them a fun dance routine and getting them to dance together in hundreds. All proceeds are then donated to a particular cause. A schooling project for underprivileged kids is one cause we have been working on.

Q2: What was the “cause” for which the recent flash mob was conducted?

The recent Dance for a Cause held on the 3 March’ 2012 was conducted to generate funds for the Rahnuma Schooling Project. There are a lot of underprivileged kids whose parents cannot afford their education. A student organization of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture known as Rahnuma has taken a very noble initiative to teach these children.

Q3: What soundtrack was Dance for a Cause conducted to and why did you choose this particular song?

It is always wise to choose a song that people can recognize and will enjoy dancing to. “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 was our song choice this time.

Q4: How does it work: do you teach the students at the venue or do you teach them earlier at a separate location?

Well we invite the people to come in at 3pm… Some people are punctual, some are not.  The first 100 people are put together and taught indoors. After 30-40 minutes of training they move in to the next area where they revise and work on the final touches while the next batch has replaced them and have started to learn the routine. After a good 3 hours of learning, everyone gathers in the open area and dances together!!

Q5: How are funds generated through this event?

ActOne collaborated with Nokia for this event; we received a generous amount from Nokia that was all donated to the Rahnuma Schooling Project. Some funds were also generated via entry tickets.

Q6:  The flash mob is a Westernized idea: how did it become a tradition here?

We thought that if the pizza can be turned into a chicken tikka pizza… Why not introduce dancing in mobs!!! It is so much fun!

Q7: ActOne has set a world record for the maximum number of flash mobs ever conducted in Pakistan: how did this come about?

People say we are always chanting the words “first this” or the “most that”. The idea is to set standards up there and then tempt ourselves to exceed them! In 2011 we conducted the first ever documented Flash mob in Karachi … Within 10 months we created a world record for an Oil marketing company by carrying out 100 flash mobs in just 12 days all over Karachi city! It makes us so proud… We have contacted Guinness and have sent all our documentation.

Q8: When you are teaching 300 people, there are probably some who are good dancers and others who are pathetic dancers: how do you bring them all to one level?

We don’t! It doesn’t matter if they can dance well or not. There is no such thing as a poor dancer… It is all about letting go and being free! NOBODY has two left feet. We have taught over 6000 people in Karachi… Different people use their bodies to express themselves in different ways.

Q9: Is the aim of a flashmob to achieve perfect co-ordination between all the members of the group?

The aim is not to dance and achieve perfect co-ordination but it is to watch a huge number of people dancing the same routine together! This is why we want a lot of people to show up for the event. The more the people, the more fun we have.

Q10: Do you feel flashmobs are quickly becoming a fad in Karachi?

Well if the branded lawn has become a fad… Dancing is so much more fun! It is bound to become a way of life… You can’t deny it! J


ActOne Team talk about their fun school and latest flash mob with Fashion Central in an exclusive interview.

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