Winter Colors that make you look Gorgeous

Winters are short in Pakistan but one of the seasons that people enjoy the most while sun bathing. Most of the outdoor activities take place in winters such as outdoor brunches and coffee mornings. There are certain winter colors that go really well while doing outdoor activities and generally in the season. Warm and dark colors are the most suitable for winters and they look superb under the sun.

Black color is mostly associated with the winters and no doubt it looks great on everyone and every skin tone. But the trends have changed and the trends have come out of blacks and browns and transferred to reds and other deep colors. Red is one of the colors which are a typical winter colors whether it is a coat, stole, sweater or an outfit. Reds also enhance the skin tone of people in Pakistan.

The latest trends show that dark plum or deep purple have also joined the range of winter colors and they look really good in winters. These colors also have the ability to enhance the skin tone like other winter colors. Dark purple also goes really well with black and bright pink. These deep colors give a great look in winters. Similarly this year electric blue is really in, an electric blue sweater or shrug should be in your winter shopping list and a part of your winter wardrobe 2011.

The key to a perfect winter wardrobe 2011 is to have all these colors in it and also other bright colors such as oranges, maroons and even yellows. Emerald green is also a winter color and it is perfect for dark or medium beige skin tones. These winter colors will look extremely refreshing while making your skin glow under the sun.

Every season has specific colors that go with the season, in summers floral colors are the best, in autumn oranges and rusts go really well. Winters have their range of colors that look superb.

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