5 Truly Fantastic Ways You Can Use Expired Cosmetics Once Again

Did you know that the actual age of a good cosmetic product is only about a year? Well, some good brands do claim that their products have an expiry date of two to three years, but such brands are rare.

Even beauty experts, from all over the world, recommend getting rid of old cosmetics in a year’s time. But, we generally don’t take this advice seriously, and end up using our cosmetics for years together. Obviously, the first thought that comes to your mind is ‘but they are hardly used’ or ‘I spent so much money on them, how can I dispose them off?’ If you do not wish to spoil your skin due to the ill effects of expired cosmetics, such as permanent spots, patchiness of skin and various skin-related issues, put them to other uses. We give you ways that your expired cosmetics can be used, without causing any harm to you.

1. A unique message board

A super cool way to use your expired lip colours, as well as black and coloured eye pencils, is to make them a part of a message board. All you need is a mirror you are not using anymore. Get a small plastic, glass or wooden slab fixed next to the mirror to keep the cosmetics. You can write your ‘things-to-do’ or ‘things-to-get’ list using these cosmetics on your mirror board. Or, you can simply leave messages for your family members if you are going out.

2. As watercolours

Using expired cosmetics as art supplies is also a great idea. Expired eye shadow palettes, plain or glitter ones, can be used as watercolours. Nail colours and liquid lip colours can also be used in arts and crafts projects. You can even use them to make sign boards of your names, to be hung on your room door. For this, take a plastic sheet. Pour nail colour on it in the shape, alphabet or design you wish, and leave it out in the sun to dry. Remove the plastic once it dries. And, your very own colourful word, design or phrase is ready!

3. Make your own nail colour

Do you know how easy it is to make glitter nail colours? All you need to do is take your expired eye shadow palette, and remove your favourite glitter colour from it. Crush it nicely and add it to a plain or light coloured nail paint. Mix and match, experiment and invent cool new nail paint shades.

4. Face charts

Another cool and unique idea is to get an online face chart from the internet. If you want, you can also take a close-up picture of your face without any makeup and get its printout. Now try different makeup looks on your face charts, using the expired cosmetics. You will discover what combinations suit you, and also learn new makeup ideas that you can practice on the face charts first, and then use it like a pro on your face later.

5. Room fresheners

Expired perfumes can be used as room fresheners to avoid wasting them. Take a beautiful ceramic or glass bowl, and place it on the centre table in your living room. Now put some artificial flowers in it and spray some of your expired perfume on them. The ‘perfume flower-bowl’ will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, but also serve as a brilliant room freshener.

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