Top 7 Stylish Hairstyles for 2015

Every year brings with it some new fashion trends which people look forward to and are not hesitant experimenting with. This year 2015 has its own latest hairstyles that stand out and are spurting in the season. Here are the top seven hairstyles for the year 2015 which will mark unique for the year.

Some new-fangled and innovative hairstyles that were seen on the red carpet of Golden Globe awards will make big this season in terms of the evolving fashion trends pertaining to hairstyles.

The top seven stylish hairstyles for the year 2015 are as follows

1. Best Shade

Ombre will take over the leads and is a major head turning tool for the upcoming year. Even though it was rumored that ombre is coming into fashion and people were reluctant to try it. However for the year 2015, instead of dying your hair and streaking them up try shades of ombre.


Preferably glossy chocolate brown is what is leading the shades of ombre. However you can be as experimental as you want to be as long as you’re following along the same lines.

2. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

Bangs, long hair, layers and etc. We are so done with them. This year Kristen Wiig debut a Blunt Bob at the Golden Globe.  The year 2015 has to be the year where BOB takes over. Most likely it will be the blunt bob as compared to the previously famous edged BOB. For all you fashionably aware females who like changing hairstyles as per what’s in. Try a Blunt BOB when you see your hairdresser this time around.

3. Bold Colors

Bold Colors

Where some women like adding some hues to their hair in terms of streaks, highlights and ombre. Some prefer going all out and changing the entire color. As for 2015 the latest fashion in terms of hairstyles revolves around going all bold with the change in color.

Try bold colors like Blue, blonde or brown. Just dye the whole of it instead of specks of hair. If you are unsure of what color will suit you then you can always opt for a dye that’s semi-permanent, or go for an ombre look that’s a bit more understated.

Just print out the hair color of your favorite celebrity and go to your hair dresser and ask her to give you that look. If you’re daring enough, you can try to do your hair dye yourself. In my case I usually do hair color myself.

4. Plaits

hairstyles for long hair

The one thing that has stuck around for long and is favorite on the red carpet right now are the plaits. Whatever your face shape or preferred style is, you’ll find this look more than appealing and do-able after watching a few videos on you tube and mastering the art of making them . From casual to formal events, you can wear these this year however you want to.

5. Fringes

cute girls hairstyles

They are my personal favorite and I have always had them to cover my round face. It’s an easy yet modern way out of your everyday style. If you don’t feel like full-on chop and you still want a change, this is your golden ticket. Plus, it works well with all hair lengths. Easy to maintain with the help of a straightner and yet easy to carry. Always make you look younger and adds to the cuteness.

6. Beachy Waves

hair styling

We love a fine, elevated out of the bed look, and this one has us eager to mimic.  For 2015 the old out to the bed look that is filled in with some nature waves is back in. Sure, it helps to have natural waves to get the beachy look. If coupled with a touch of salt spray, anyone could master this.

7. Blunt Shoulder Length

hairstyles for girls

Instead of growing out your hair to the touch the ground .This year is more about shoulder lengths with blunt ends. No more feathery ends or edged ends. The blunt ends are soemthing that will make big this season .One can easily carry this hairstyle with any outfit and any hair color. This is the easiest one can do in terms of hairstyles for the year 2015.

These are the top 7 stylish hairstyles for the year 2015 which are not so hard to carry out.

For this year if you plan to change your hairstyle into something that is really in for the year then here a few stylish hairstyles that for the year 2015.

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