Top 4 Herbal Home Spa Tips

In today’s busy world, where women are trying to cope up with men and prove their worth as an equally capable gender, it is hard to take a day off and find time and money to spare to go to a spa and get pampered.

Consider half of your problems solved. Here are some home remedies that you can use to counter your everyday problems. Here are the top 4 herbal home spa tips for you. Have a look!

1. Tips for Hair Fall

Hair fall is a major problem that even our youth is faced with. We all have noticed strands of hair on comb, brushes and down the drain when washing our hair. Does this worry you? Stop; and take a deep breath, as stress only worsens the situation. Stress is in fact a major cause of hair fall.

According to experts, loss of 50-100 strands of hair per day is pretty normal. If you lose more than that only then is it a cause for concern. Hair fall can be stopped in its tracks with simple remedies such as those listed below:

hair spa

• Onion is a rich source of sulfur and it increases collagen production, hence increasing the hair growth. Applying onion juice to your scalp will help reduce hair fall. Apply onion juice to your scalp for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, rinse it out with a mild shampoo. Do this twice a week to see results.

• Garlic, like onion is another rich source of sulfur and is therefore used in traditional remedies. Mix garlic juice with coconut oil and boil the mixture. Let it cool down and apply it to your scalp for 30 minutes. Rinse it out afterwards. Do this twice a week to see results.

2. Tips for Skin Care (Face)

Face Spa

The pollution that we have in our environment these days is a major cause of skin problems. Acne, dark spots, pimples and what not.

A person’s face is their first impression as attractive or unattractive and everybody focuses on keeping their skin as clean and clear as possible. But going to a spa every once in a while is unaffordable both monetarily and with respect to the time it requires. The following simple home remedies can be opted to deal with most of the problems:

• Lemons are a good source of Vitamin-C which is good for the common cold. But what you do not know is that lemon peels are also good for oily skin. Squeeze out the juice from the lemons and use the left over peels on your acne. The citric acid in the lemons help clears oil and the acidic effect helps you get rid of acne.

• They do not say ‘as cool as a cucumber’, without reason. Extracts of cucumber are a popular ingredient in cosmetic products. Cut cucumbers in circular slices and put them on your eyes for 20 to 25 minutes. The cool cucumber helps relieve stress and relaxes the eyes. Therefore reducing dark circles and eye strains.

3. Tips for Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet spa

Girls love all sorts of make up the companies could think of and have launched in the markets. Nail paints, henna designs etc. Many women spend their weekends getting manicures and pedicures or end up doing it themselves. Here are some tips to get baby soft hands and feet.

• Add table salt to a half bucket of warm water and dip your feet in it for about 25 minutes. The warm water softens the dead skin which you can later scrape of with a vegetable peeler or a scraper. The salt helps reduce sweat odors. From both; the feet and the arm pits.

Clean nails is an issue for women who have household chores to deal with. Greasy stains etc. are hard to remove and don’t come out easily. Using peels of citric fruits to clean your nails is effective. The acidic effect removes stains and simultaneously refreshes the skin.

4. Rosemary and Rose Petals

Rose Petals spa

These can be used in a bath, by adding them into your bath water which will make you fresh and will give you an energy boost.

Follow these tips and get a spa like treatment at home.

Get relaxed by following simple home spa tips, and here are few of them to relax your body.

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