Top 10 Hair Repair Tips

A women’s beauty is judged by her hair therefore it is important to keep them healthy and beautiful throughout the year. Most of us deal with their hair quite brutally and doesn’t feel like giving proper attention to them especially in winters.

Nobody has the energy to look after their hair in winters which end up destroying their hair line for the rest of the year because winters brings with it the cold air, dryness and your hair goes through a lot of fluctuated temperature in this season because of difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures.

If you are too lazy to look after your hair this winter then just follow these simple key tips and tricks that will make your hair soft, smooth, silky and healthy.

Professional Products

Try to get your hair a proper conditioning treatment once every week, this will nourish your hair and keep them healthy. Go for the products that are actually dedicated to aim your problems like frizz control, hair volume solution and hydrating formula etc.

Deep Conditioning

Conditioning your hair is very important because your hair loses all the moisture due to cold, dry air and weather in winters. This deep conditioning action is important for your hair in order to keep them soft and smooth.

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This should be done on daily basis, whether you wash your hair daily or not, just apply the leave in conditioner and your job is done.

Shampoo for Dry Flaky Scalp

Not only your hair, but your skin also loses its moisture in winters which makes them dry causing flaky dandruff and itching. Using a medicated shampoo is the best option for you, but you can also use other product which says dandruff free. This will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Vitamin E

Vitamins are important for maintain your skin, nails and hair as well. Especially vitamin E is extremely important for your hair in winters. Try to consume vitamin E rich fruits and vegetables in winters to keep your hair perfect in winter season. To make it more easy, you can also consume vitamin E capsules which are easily available everywhere.

Cover Up

Try to keep your head covered as much as possible when you go out door because your hair would be exposed to the cold, dry air. Wear a hat, scarf or anything that you think suits you and is more comfortable.

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Regular Trimming

Dry cold winters makes your hair dead and this results in splits ends which is the enemy of your hair. Therefore, get your hair trimmed every month regularly so that your hair stays healthy and in shape.

Say NO to Hair Color

Avoid getting your hair dyed in winters because dyes leave your hair dry, rough and cut downs the natural oils of your hair. So go for an alternative like natural dyes for example herbal henna etc. which not only gives your hair a nice natural colour but also keep them conditioned, leaving them soft and beautiful.

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Hair Gadgets

It is time to say good bye to your hair gadgets like hair dryers, curling rods, straightener etc. because these gadgets damages your hair. If you feel like they are needed use heat protectant on your hair before using any of these hair styling gadgets.

Hot Showers

Avoid taking hot showers and washing off your hair with hot water, instead use Luke warm water or cold water for washing your hair. This will save your hair from any damage that hot water can cause.


Though your hair contains natural oils but due to cold, dry winter that oil wears off leaving your hair dull and dry.

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Regular oiling is the key to healthy, beautiful long hair. You can use almond oil or olive oil for oiling your hair roots.

These are some of the key tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful all winters.

Get your hair repair by following these top tip.! Get long, thick, shiny hair right away.

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