7 Essential Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Finding shoes that fit close to your feet is a common problem, most shoes are too tight against the side of the foot, but in some cases there are large gaps. The obvious solution is to buy narrow shoes that fit slim feet.

2. Look at your own shoes.

Everyone has their favorite pair that looks perfect like Cinderella at the ball. They are comfortable, supportive and do not rub. Take a moment and examine them. Do they have a certain width or shape? What is the material made of?

Knowing what is your most comfortable pair and why they are so comfortable is the best step to buy in the future.

3. What brands do you own?

Most shoe companies tend to have similarities in shape and design in their models. This can benefit users, as their feet tend to fit a certain brand line well. Make a list of all the brands that your feet tend to do well with. This will be beneficial knowing that when a new model arrives, your feet will fit comfortably.

4. Are cheap shoes worth it?

Buying cheap shoes won't hurt your wallet, but they can certainly hurt your feet. Cheap shoes can be poorly designed and manufactured, simply combined with cheap materials to create a cheap shoe that many consumers will buy. Once the pair becomes so unbearable you'll be tossing them into the closet never to see the light of day again, so why buy a steady stream of cheap shoes when you could buy a more expensive pair? This will keep your feet and your wallet happy in the long run.

5. Try it before you buy ... errrrr online

Yes, this is a personal trick of mine, find a pair of shoes that you like in a store, try them on and if they fit perfectly, say: "uh, no, thanks for me", then go online and buy them much cheaper , ready.

6. Buy from established online stores

When buying shoes online you must remember to always read the fine print. Check for a return policy with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't do your homework, you may end up with a pair that you can't return.

7. Read what other people are saying

Although the photos look great and you are about to buy yourself an amazing pair of Nike shoes, you still need to look at the reviews. Remember that a picture doesn't tell the whole story, so read other people's opinions about the product.

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