The Pineapple Method For Natural Hair

Here is good news for ladies having curly and kinky hair that by using pineapple technique you can prevent flat and smashed curls. Pineappling is the technique for the protection of curly hair. The pineapple method allows you to take a sound sleep with the fresh curly styling next day. By adopting this magical way, your hairstyle is ready for the next day parties as well. By using this technique the curls will keep on the top of your head while you sleep. This way you can give life and bounce to your natural curly hair especially between wash days. 

Now let me tell you what actually the pineapple method is and how it prevents your curls while your sleep without creating any disturbance. The name of the method “Pineapple” comes from the shape it gives to your hair if it is done perfectly. It is a high ponytail on the top of your head to protect your curls while you sleep.

This idea was introduced to protect the underneath back of your hair which mostly gets disturbed when you sleep. Along with the protection, the pineappling method also protects length of hair and mounds your beautiful natural curls by keeping them on the top of your head. Achieve the desired results by following step by step guide and make your curls perfectly coil. To get this style for the protection of your curls follow the instructions. 

  1. Use a moderately loose scrunchy to put your hair into a hair ponytail. The looser the better as you would not want something that leaves a ponytail indent on your hair while you sleep. Pick up a scrunchy as loose as possible which also secure your hair. 

  2. Bend your hair all the way forward. 

  3. Gently gather your hair just like you are making a ponytail on the top of your head. Now hold the hair as you can do it only when it is really easy. 

  4. If you have short hair or more coily hair you can use two to three scrunchies to make few high ponytails.

  5. You can also go for a bonus point step that is the use of satin sleep cap. Wrap sating sleep scarf around your head while you sleep. You can also skip sating sleep scarf if you sleep on sating pillow. 

  6. Keep the most important thing in your mind that is not to tie your scrunchie too tightly. Just slip the scrunchie around the base of your high ponytail just before you lay down for the sleep and don’t forget satin pillow or satin sleep cap for best result.

Follow these steps and keep your curls from being completely flattened. In the morning, just take the high ponytail and fluff. The girls with curly and kinky hair can prevent stretched hair shrinkage by using pineapple technique. Protect your curls and give you great looking hair by adding pineapple technique to your beauty regimen.

By adding pineapple technique in your beauty regimen you can give life and bounce to your natural curly hair particularly between washing days.

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