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When dying your hair you should always be sure of what color you want and what color will make you look better not worse. Hair color is directly affected by your complexion which is why it is important to know which hair color will suit your skin shade. When considering a hair colour change you really want a color that will enhance the rest of your facial features and skin tone rather than detract or overwhelm your face and natural skin pigments. When choosing a new hair colour, be sure to make sure that you aren’t just following a trend – too many people are dying their hair colors which simply don’t suit their face and skin tones.

Is your face haggard with dark circles around your eyes? Is your complexion pale or oddly reddish? What color are the veins in your arms? These questions might seem odd to you but they are relevant when you are trying to choose the right hair color. Here are some tips which will help you get the best color:

  • If you have discolored skin then it is a bad idea to go for blond shades and also very dark shades.
  • For dark skin it is important to respect the nature of the hair. Colours recommended include dark brown, reddish brown and warm brown.
  • If you have warm or cool skin then do not get your hair dyed on the same color as it will only make you look ill or washed out because the hair color wit either blend or enhance the enhance the unwanted skin tone.
  •  Your eye colour in combination with how dark or light your skin is plays a big part in how light or how dark a colour should be, to bring out your best. Try this for a guide:

Light eye colour with dark skin or dark eye with light skin: anything goes.

Light eyes with light skin: stay light/fair with your hair depth.

Light eyes medium skin/ Medium eye depth with light skin – try colors light to medium in depth.

Medium eye colour depth, medium skin- only the dark blondes and light browns are for you.

Medium eyes with dark skin/ Dark eyes with medium skin – stay with the dark to medium level colors in your hair.

Dark eyes, dark skin: you guessed it: dark hair too

When dying your hair you should always be sure of what color you want and what color will make you look better not worse.

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