The Acne and the Magic of Cosmetics

Acne especially on your face looks really ugly and above all very depressing. In order to hide the acne under make up you need to follow the following make up tips which will hide the acne and give you a natural looking beautiful skin.

First of all, before applying makeup especially on acne problem area, be careful in moisturizing it well. Be very careful since moisturizing your face along with Problem areas “together” can spread it. So it’s better to use spot to spot technique of moisturizing. It’s like applying little amount of moisturizer to your acne separately and let it absorb it. Now acne is ready to be covered with foundation base.

Remember that avoid darker shades of foundation while your face is having acne. Pick up good quality foundation base of lighter color as that of your skin complexion. Apply it to your face and to the acne with less pressure since if you apply foundation with pad and with greater pressure then the acne may got torn and it can make the matter more serious. Be sure that you have hid the acne under firm layer of foundation.

We recommend you to use mineral liquid foundation since they have formulated with no chemicals but the naturals minerals which can not only hide skin imperfections like acne but they can also fix them. Now you can pad face powder on it. Another make up tip of hiding the acne and looking good in natural way is to pick the warm colors for your make up. Like if you are having acne and you are doing make up with slightly colder colors then it can make them more visible. Pick warm colors like pink, brown, light brown and red. They will make your face acceptable in regard to acne.

This is making up part, but if you want to remove acne forever then you have to give it time. Like you can consult your doctor. There are many ointments which have some formula of doing the damage control. You have to adopt them too in order to be gorgeous in a natural way.

Acne is thought to be very painful and visible beauty killer. They are ugly and can prevent you from having the flawless skin even after the make up.

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